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Model A Wheels and Hubs

As important as it is to pour love and time into your Model A engine, radiator or water pump, you won't actually get anywhere without a proper set of wheels. From cadmium nuts (like the original!) to wheels to spoke straighteners, we have everything you need to replace or restore your Model A wheels and hubs. Browse below to find the part you need to get your Model A out on the open road!

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  1. Model A Wheels A-1015-16 (1928-1934) A-1015-BR (1928-1929) A-1015-D (1930-1931)  

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  2. Spare Wheel Lock Nut A-1012-LN (1928-1929) $6.75 / ea.  

    Original equipment on all 1928-29 Model A's with rear mounted spares.

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  3. Front Hub Race Tool A-1218 (1928-1931) $39.95 / ea.  

    Pulls both the inner and outer race into the hub at the same time for proper alignment.

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  4. Chrome Wire Wheel Nut Set T-2884/90 (1926-1928) $159.95 / set  

    A set of 22 standard nuts and one locking style nut.

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  5. Truck 20" Flaps A-1025-CR (1919-1931) $24.95 / ea.  

    If your rims are extremely pitted or rough, we recommend using these flaps instead of the rim liners.

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  6. Wheel Buddies A-1013 (1926-1931) $43.00 / pr.  

    Lifting and aligning your wheel with the wheel studs can often difficult, especially as we get older! Simply thread the 2 wheel buddy alignment pins over 2 wheel studs, align the wheel with the pins and slide into position! Ends of pins are slotted for a large screwdriver.

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  7. Model A Cadmium Lug Nuts A-1012-B (1928-1931) A-1012-B-Q23 (1928-1931)  

    This is a set of 23 cadmium lug nuts.

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  8. Model A Chrome Lug Nuts A-1012-C (1928-1931) A-1012-C-Q23 (1928-1931)  

    This is a set of 23 chrome lug nuts.

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  9. Model A Polished Stainless Lug Nuts A-1012-SS (1928-1931) $5.25 / ea.  

    Made to the original specs and buffed to a high luster.

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  10. Model A Wheel Nut Washers A-1012-W (1926-1931) $0.60 / ea.  

    A tapered stainless washer to make worn wheels fit better.

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  11. Model A Grease Cup A-1138 (1928-1931) $2.35 / ea.  

    This little gadget is one that Henry forgot until late in 1931.

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  12. Model A Front Hub Bolts A-1107 (1928-1931) A-1107-Q5 (1928-1932)  

    The original type.

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