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Model A Valves

If you need valves, valve covers, tappets, guides and more, we have just what you need for your Model A restoration. Many of our parts have great additional features like stainless steel or single and double lock options and are made in the USA. Take a look at our popular Model A valve set or browse below to find the part you need.

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  1. Model A Tappets A-6500-DL (1928-1934) A-6500-DL-Q8 (1928-1934) A-6500-SL (1928-1934) A-6500-SL-Q8 (1928-1934)  

    Very well made tappets.

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  2. Model A Oversize Tappets A-6500-DLOS (1928-1934) A-6500-SLOS (1928-1934)  

    The double lock tappets are .

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  3. Model A Modern Valve Set A-6505-M (1928-1934) $135.00 / set  

    Finally, a totally upgraded valve and guide set from Performance Engineering for use in all stock, performance and racing Ford Model A engines! Using the original design of Model A valves and guides, these valve sets have been re-engineered and fully upgraded to deliver optimum performance.

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  4. Model A Stainless Valves A-6505-SS (1928-1934) A-6505-SS-Q8 (1928-1934)  

    Just like the stock valves except we make these out of stainless for long life! Will work in 1928-31 model A's and in the 1932-34 4-cylinder B motors.

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  5. Model A Valve Seats A-6506 (1928-1934) $3.95 / ea.  

    These were never in the A originally.

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  6. Model A Valve Guides A-6510 (1928-1934) A-6510-Q8 (1928-1934)  

    Split type valve guide just like Henry used.

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  7. Model A Valve Guide Tool A-6500-VGT (1928-1934) $21.00 / ea.  

    This hardened steel driver is a quality reproduction of a K.

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  8. Model A Valve Keepers A-6514 (1928-1934) A-6514-Q8 (1928-1934)  

    The little gadget that fits on the stem of the valve to hold the valve spring.

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  9. Model A Valve Springs A-6513 (1928-1934) A-6513-Q8 (1928-1934)  

    Our springs are made for us by one of America's oldest spring works.

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  10. Model A Valve Spring Tool A-6513-T (1928-1934) $31.95 / ea.  

    Makes collapsing the valve springs a breeze! The hook hooks over the manifold stud and acts as a pivot to pry the spring upward in order to install the keeper.

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  11. Model A Valve Cover Bolts A-6520-MB (1928-1931) $1.95 / set  

    10 bolts and lock washers needed to bolt the valve cover on.

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  12. Model A Raven Valve Cover Bolts A-6520-MBX (1928-1931) $2.75 / set  

    For show cars.

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