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Model T Truck Parts

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  1. TT Sleeve Set Screw TT-1049 (1919-1927) $6.00 / ea  

    At each end of your pinion gear, there is a roller bearing that rides in a sleeve.

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  2. TT Pinion Cover / Torque Tube Bolt TN-71620 (1919-1927) TT-1006 (1919-1927)  

    4 of these special drilled head bolts are used to secure the rear pinion cover to the axle housings.

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  3. TT Truck Rear Axle Nut & Cotter Pin TT-1015 (1919-1927) $3.50 / ea.  

    Large castle nut for the TT truck rear axles.

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  4. TT Truck Rear Axle Nut Cotter Pins TT-1014 (1919-1927) $0.50 / pr.  

    Cotter pin used for the rear axle nut on the TT truck.

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  5. Worm Roller Bearing Retainer TT-1047 (1919-1927) $12.50 / ea.  

    This washer goes against the front worm roller bearing on the torque tube side.

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  6. Model T Axle Bearing Felt TT-1021 (1919-1927) $1.75 / ea.  

    The outer felt that goes between the outer bearing and the axle housing cap on the TT-Trucks.

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  7. Model AA Axle Housing Cap Gasket AA-4191-R (1919-1929) $2.35 / ea.  

    Used on the 1919-27 TT truck rear ends as well as the 28-9 AA truck rear ends with the worm style ring and pinion.

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  8. Model T Axle Sleeve Puller TT-2509-SP (1919-1927) $21.95 / ea.  

    Made specially for the larger TT truck axle housing sleeves.

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  9. Model T Battery Carrier TT-5150 (1919-1927) $48.95 / ea.  

    Holds the battery in place on the drivers side behind the running board on TT trucks.

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  10. Model T Bearing Sleeve TT-1020 (1919-1927) $25.00 / ea.  

    Larger diameter sleeve for the TT-Trucks.

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  11. Model T Brake Lining TT-1057 (1919-1927) $67.50 / set  

    The wider brake lining for the rear wheels of the TT-trucks.

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  12. Model T C-Cab Armrest Panels CC-840 (1924-1926) $89.95 / ea.  


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