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Model T Truck Parts

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  1. Rear Axle/Worm Nut AA-4245 (1928-1929) $9.25 / ea.  

    Used on the 1919-27 TT trucks and the 1928-29 AA trucks to hold the rear wheels onto the axle.

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  2. Model T Axle & Drive Shaft Felt Set TT-1039-A (1919-1927) $15.95 / set  

    Set of 3 same sized felts, one for the drive shaft, and one for each end of the axle behind the housing cap.

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  3. TT Truck Rim Clamp TT-1107-C (1919-1927) $16.75 / ea.  

    These clamps are used on the rear wheels of TT Trucks.

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  4. Gear Lock Rings TT-1031 (1919-1927) $3.75 / pr.  

    These half circle rings lock the axle gear onto the axle shaft.

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  5. Drive Shaft Bushing TT-2581 (1919-1927) $84.50 / ea.  

    Mounts in the front of the torque tube to support the front of the drive shaft.

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  6. Model TT and Model AA Inner Tubes A-1506-20 (1919-1931) A-1506-20 (1919-1931)  

    These tubes fit both the Model TT Trucks and the Model AA Trucks.

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  7. Brake Adjusting Collar Pins TT-1066 (1919-1927) $0.75 / pr.  

    Pair of pins used to hold the brake expander adjusting collar to the brake expander.

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  8. Brake Expander Pin Set TT-1068 (1919-1927) $5.95 / 8/pk.  

    An 8 piece set of pins used to connect the brake expander link to the brake expander on one side and the brake shoe on the other side.

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  9. Differential Plug TT-1012 (1919-1927) $0.90 / ea  

    Square headed pipe threaded plug used for the oil fill and drain of the TT truck rear ends.

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  10. TT Rear Axle Housing / Diff. Gear Bolt TT-1003 (1919-1927) $5.00 / ea.  

    13 of these drilled shank bolts are used to bolt the left and right axle housings together.

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  11. TT Rear Radius Arm Bolt TN-5818 (1919-1927) TT-1075 (1919-1927)  

    Large bolt that secures the rear radius rod to the axle housing.

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  12. TT Brake Shoe Support Bolt TN-5818 (1919-1927) TT-1060 (1919-1927)  

    Large bolt that anchors the brake shoe to the backing plate/axle housing.

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