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Top Five Maintenance Tips for Model A Fords

At Snyder's Antique Auto Parts, we are committed to providing quality products and the best customer service for Model T and Model A Ford enthusiasts. We are also committed to helping hobbyists further pursue their passion, whether they are new to Model A and Model T fun, or have been working at their hobby for years.

Recently, we caught up with Snyder's customer Rick Lindner, President of the Scioto Model A Ford Club in Columbus, Ohio. As a young boy, Rick loved reading about Einstein, and discovered early on that Einstein and Henry Ford were acquaintances. Motivated by this information, Rick set out to purchase his own classic Ford car, and acquired his first Model A almost fifty years ago at the age of fifteen.

"I had no idea how to work on my car or drive it when I started, Rick says. "I didn't even have a license! But I knew enough by then to know that Model A's are common, popular and there are virtually no parts you can't get. They're a great first car to purchase, and fun to work on and learn with over the years."

With Rick's considerable knowledge and experience with Model A's, we asked him to impart his Top Five Maintenance tips for Model A enthusiasts. He was happy to oblige.

1.Prevention is Key

Rick's number one tip is all about avoiding potential future problems.

"Always store your Model A properly", Rick says. "It's not enough to just park it for a period of time and hope it starts up the next time." Rick recommends that you drain the fluids, check your radiator, cover your Model A and store it in a low humidity area.

2.Keep it Regular

Next, Rick recommends that Model A hobbyists be vigilant about regular checks and maintenance.

"Make it a habit to check your fluids, radiator, brakes, fan belts, and transmission on a regular basis", he says. "Getting into a good routine of regular basic maintenance will prolong the life of your vehicle, and help you diagnose problems early."

3.Have the Right Tools

As many antique Ford owners know, all Fords up until 1948 came with a tool bag.

These are great basic tools to get started, Rick says. He would also recommend going a step further and putting together a mechanics toolbox with the right instruments to care for your Model A.


4.Do Your Research

Always be learning about your car! Rick says. As a young Model A owner, Rick spent his high school study halls reading the Model A mechanics manual. He also recommends that new hobbyists brush up on their basic knowledge of auto mechanics, as well as search the Internet for information, and find old and new books about their Model A.

5.Join a Club

As a long time member of both Model A and Model T clubs, Rick is a huge advocate of antique car communities, and suggests that Model A enthusiasts join a club in their area.

You don't have to own a Model A to attend meetings, he says. Sometimes it's a good way for beginners to learn some of the basics before they make their first purchase. It's also a great way for hobbyists of all skill levels to share knowledge and solve problems.

Finally, as a Model A owner who has literally driven coast to coast in his Model A, and been president of his local club four times, Rick says it really all just boils down to one thing: Learn everything you can about your car.

We couldn't have said it better ourselves.

Rick Lindner is President of the Scioto Model A Ford Club and Tickin T's of Central Ohio. The Scioto Model 'A' Ford Club, based in the Columbus, Ohio area, is a non-profit organization dedicated to the restoration and preservation of the Model 'A' Ford automobile. Learn more about the Scioto Model A Ford Club by visiting http://www.sciotomodela.org/about.shtml.

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