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Model A Ford Tools

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  1. Model A Stud Installation Tool A-1109-T (1928-1931) $7.95 / ea.  

    This tool is a must for putting new wheel studs in your Model T or Model A.

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  2. Model A Riveting Tool A-2018 (1909-1931) $24.95 / ea.  

    This little anvil clamps in a vise and makes riveting or removing old linings a snap! Kit comes with a punch to knock out old rivets, a tool to swedge new tubular rivets, and a tool to drill and countersink linings.

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  3. Bushing Driver T-2714-T (1909-1927) $10.75 / ea.  

    This driver is used for installing and removing the T-2714 bushing.

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  4. Model A King Pin Reamer A-3111-R (1928-1931) $159.95 / ea.  

    Special reamer that reams the bushings for the front spindle bolts.

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  5. Model A Steering Wheel Puller A-3600-P (1928-1931) $43.50 / ea.  

    Our puller contains 2 pulling plates, one for the 1928-29 steering wheel and the other for the 1930-31.

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  6. Model A Pinion Puller A-4210-T (1928-1931) $38.50 / ea.  

    This tool is used for removing the drive shaft, pinion cup, and pinion gear assembly from the rear end.

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  7. Model A Knock-Off Wheel Puller A-4235-WP (1909-1931) $3.50 / ea.  

    With the wheel still bolted onto the hub, take the axle nut off and screw this on.

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  8. Model A Economy Seal Driver A-4246 (1928-1931) $8.95 / ea.  

    This is a low-buck tool for installing the A-4245 seals.

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  9. Model A Pinion Nut Wrench A-4634-T (1928-1931) $12.50 / ea.  

    Laser cut from 1/4" steel.

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  10. Model A Plastigage A-6304 (1909-1931) $2.25 / ea.  

    Plastigage takes the guess work out of putting the proper clearance in rod and main bearings.

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  11. Model A Flywheel Gauge A-6381 (1928-1931) $26.95 / ea.  

    Bracket in this kit bolts to the flywheel.

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  12. Model A Valve Spring Tool A-6513-T (1928-1934) $31.95 / ea.  

    Makes collapsing the valve springs a breeze! The hook hooks over the manifold stud and acts as a pivot to pry the spring upward in order to install the keeper.

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