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Model T Switch

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  1. Model T 1909 Heinze Switch T-4638-A (1909) $215.00 / ea.  

    Authentic in every detail! Key included.

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  2. Ford Switch Insulator T-4729-X (1919-1927) $1.25 / ea  

    Used on the 1913-15 Ford ignition swtiches.

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  3. Model T 1909 Kingston Ignition Switch T-4219 (1909) T-4221 (1909)  

    Beautifully polished brass switch that is well detailed.

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  4. Model T Ford Amp Meter Adapter Ring T-5017-D (1919-1925) $3.95 / ea.  

    When Ford started using a smaller amp meter in 1926 they brought out this ring so the smaller amp meter could be used in older cars.

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  5. Amp Meter for Model A Ford A-10850-B (1919-1931) A-10850-C (1919-1931) A-10850-F (1919-1931)  

    This is the later style used by Ford in 1926-27.

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  6. Model T Ford Amp Meter Mounting Screws T-5012-MB (1919-1925) $0.50 / set  

    Set of 3 screws and lock washers used to hold the amp meter or amp meter adapter plate to the T-5012 switch panel.

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  7. Model T Ford Plate Cover T-4730 (1914-1922) $12.95 / ea.  

    Used on the Ford switch mounted on the coil box.

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  8. Model T Ford Switch T-4728 (1913-1915) $275.00 / ea.  

    Complete new switch assembly! Face plate and the good U.

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  9. Model T Ford Switch Body T-4729 (1913-1915) $89.00 / ea.  

    The plastic is usually what goes bad on these switches.

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  10. Model T Ford Switch Key T-5006-X (1914-1922) $20.50 / ea.  

    A faithful reproduction of the original key that had a round profile that enters the switch.

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  11. Model T Ford Switch Lever T-4728-X (1914-1922) $49.95 / ea.  

    Used with the Ford style switches.

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  12. Model T Heinze Ignition Switch T-4638 (1910-1913) T-4639 (1910-1913)  

    An excellent copy complete with key.

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