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Part # TU-1113 Model Year 13-13
Part # TU-1114 Model Year 13-13
Part # TU-1117 Model Year 14-15
Part # TU-1118 Model Year 14-15
Part # TU-1119 Model Year 16-21
Part # TU-1120 Model Year 16-21
Part # TU-1119-22 Model Year 22-22
Part # TU-1120-22 Model Year 22-22
Part # TU-1121 Model Year 23-25
Part # TU-1123 Model Year 23-25
Part # TU-1124 Model Year 26-27
Part # TU-1125 Model Year 26-27
Part # TU-1126 Model Year 25-27
Part # TU-1127 Model Year 23-25
Part # WEB-KIT-0561 | Model Year 13-27

These kits are complete and include everything necessary to re-upholster your springs.

Complete instructions are included. Kits are fitted and stitched. They include seat covers, padding, burlap, hog rings, tacks and body trim.

For 1914-15, the seat is diamond pleated and the back is channel pleated. 1916-27 have channel pleated cushion and backrest. All kits have covered buttons installed like the original. All kits are supplied in black colonial grain vinyl. All pieces are marked. Panel sets are included. If you have a Canaduan built Model T, you must state this at the time of ordering.

Canadian built Roadsters had 2 doors and Touring cars had 4 doors. These require a special panel set. Made to order and drop shipped from the manufacturer.

Part # T-7982 | Model Year 09-31
Black headed tack used to trim out upholstery, panels and tops. Head is 7/16" diameter, tack is 1/2" long. Sold in 1/4 pound packs which yield approx. 125 tacks. U.S.A.
$7.50 BAG