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Part # TM-102 Model Year 15-20
These are for the Touring cars. It is the sheet metal behind the backrest.
Part # TWD-1650-L Model Year 26-27
Part # TWD-1650-R Model Year 26-27
Part # TWD-1651 Model Year 26-27
Part # TWD-1652 Model Year 26-27
This is the wood that the seat springs are attached to. The upholstery is wrapped around the spring and then tacked to the wood. Wood was only used on the later T's. U.S.A.
Part # T-9500 | Model Year 09-27
Under the seat cushions, there is normally a wooden lid that allows you access to the gas tank or a storage compartment. These are the authentic style hinges for the lid. Made in Sweden.
$43.50 EA