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Part # A-18354-RK Model Year 28-31
Part # A-18353 Model Year 09-31
Lens, gasket, and plain screws for rebuilding the Model A moto meter. The lens size is 1-11/16." If you have the wreath type of moto-meter you want to buy the embosed screws A-18356-S. U.S.A.
Part # A-18354-CR60AR Model Year 28-29
Part # A-18354-B60B Model Year 30-31
Part # A-18354-WR60AR Model Year 28-29
Part # A-18354-WR60B Model Year 30-31
Available in both the plain rim or the wreath rim for 1928-29 or for the 1930-31. See instructions below for 1930-31 with reproduction radiators. U.S.A.
Part # A-18354-CR Model Year 28-31
Part # A-18354-WR Model Year 28-31
Meters come in two styles. One in a wreath rim, and the other in the plain rim. Both are chrome. Ford sold the wreath rim, but both are correct. U.S.A.
Part # A-18355-TQ | Model Year 28-31
Why buy a new quail just because the thermometer doesn't work. You can purchase this unit and replace it in your old quail. For the quail: A-18355-TQ 1928-31 Nothing is available for moto meters. U.S.A.
$25.95 EA
Part # A-18385-ART Model Year 28-29
Part # A-18385-BT Model Year 30-31

Now you can enjoy the quail cap and a moto meter at the same time. The thermo quail has a thermometer mounted in the center.

Hardly shows from the front, but easy to read from the drivers seat. See instructions below for 1930-31 with reproduction radiators. U.S.A.