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Part # A-55983 Model Year 28-31
Part # A-55984 Model Year 28-31
U-shaped pieces of metal that nailed to the vertical door wood for felt channels to set into. Used on 4-doors with wooden framed doors. U.S.A.
Part # A-45963-BR Model Year 28-31
Part # A-45963-BL Model Year 28-31

A-45963-BL fits left front and right rear

A-45963-BR fits right front and left rear.

Part # A-45983-CL | Model Year 28-31

If you order one of our A-16740-BS cowl lacing kits, this clip is already included. Rivets to the bottom of the lacing on each side of the cowl. The cowl panel has a series of slotted holes that the J portion of this clip hooks into for holding the cowl lacing down.

Use this clip at bottom of each felt glass channel strip. You can use the A-16750-RI hood clip rivets to secure these clips to the felt channels. These rivets are the same size and are a semi-tubular rivet.

$1.00 EA
Part # A-45962-SW | Model Year 31-31
This glass channel is used on the 1931 Slant windshield 4-doors. Right and left are the same.
$50.00 EA
Part # A-48108-L Model Year 30-31
Part # A-48108-R Model Year 30-31
Small wire spring that fits inside the cup that houses the square shaft that the window crank mounts to. Only fits double arm regulators. U.S.A.
Part # A-45983-S | Model Year
One kit does one door, assemble yourself and save. Contains: 2-32" felt channels, 1 upper sponge rubber, 2 upper clips, 3 lower clips, and 8 rivets, not assembled. U.S.A.
$52.50 EA
Part # A-45983 Model Year 09-31
Part # T-8399 Model Year 19-27
Felt channels for glass windows. These felt channels mount vertically on the sides of the windows that roll up and down. Available in 32" or 48." U.S.A.
Part # A-55980 Model Year 30-31
Part # A-55981 Model Year 30-31
Part # A-55982 Model Year 30-31
Part # A-45986-A Model Year 30-31
Part # A-45987-A Model Year 30-31
Part # A-45996 Model Year 30-31
Part # A-45997-A Model Year 30-31
Part # A-45980 Model Year 28-29
Part # A-45981 Model Year 28-29

U shaped piece of metal that was spot welded and riveted in the door for felt channels to attach to. Rivet is included. Front refers to hinge end of door and rear refers to latch side of door.

1930-31 Tudor Sedan and Pickup - A-55980, A-55981, A-55982

1930-31 Coupe and Sports Coupe - A-45986-A, A-45987-A, A-45996, A-45997-A

1928-29 All Coupes, Tudors, and Delixe Delivery - A-45980, A-45981


Part # A-45985-L Model Year 31-31
Part # A-45985-R Model Year 31-31

These mount vertically along the front edge of the door, It gets screwed to the door, the felt channel attaches to it and the upright door garnish molding attaches to it with three screws.

These were used on all Slant Window 4-doors, A-400's, Victoria's and S/W Cabriolets. U.S.A.