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Part # A-836-ACL Model Year 26-29
Part # A-836-ACR Model Year 26-29
Made for the 1928-29 closed cab trucks but the will also fit the 1926-27 Coupe / Tudor doors. These have the special bead on the bottom and sides. 24-3/4" high. U.S.A.
Part # A-8046-ACC Model Year
Part # A-8047-ACC Model Year
These doors 1928-29 closed cab trucks and 1926-27 coupe and tudor sedans. Door only, hinges, latches, garnish etc are not included.
Part # A-307-A | Model Year 28-29

Only available in sets which does all 4 doors. These come up about 6." U.S.A.

Fits 1928-29 Phaeton.

$99.00 SET
Part # A-436-A Model Year 28-29
Part # A-436-B Model Year 30-31
Part # A-336-B Model Year 30-31
Part # A-136-A Model Year 28-29
Part # A-136-B Model Year 30-31
Part # A-308-A Model Year 30-31
Part # A-836-A Model Year 28-29
Part # A-307-A Model Year 28-29
Part # A-307-D Model Year 28-29
Part # A-308-D Model Year 30-31
Part # A-308-E Model Year 30-31
Part # A-308-V Model Year 30-31
Door bottom patch panels. Only availiable in pairs and sets. They are about 6 in high. U.S.A.
Part # A-436-AC Model Year 28-29
This door skin is made for the Tudor Sedan door. 22-1/2" high. The 30-1 skin also fits the closed cab pickup trucks. U.S.A.
Part # A-1040-A Model Year 28-29
Part # A-1041-A Model Year 28-29
Part # A-1040-B Model Year 30-31
Part # A-1041-B Model Year 30-31
If your inner door structure is in good shape, save a little money and put a new skin on the outside. For the open car Model A's only except Deluxe Phaeton. U.S.A.
Part # A-1046-AR Model Year 28-28
Part # A-1047-AR Model Year 28-28
Part # A-1046-A Model Year 29-29
Part # A-1047-A Model Year 29-29
Part # A-1046-B Model Year 30-31
Part # A-1047-B Model Year 30-31

New repo steel doors for the Roadsters, Roadster Pickups, and 4-door Phaeton front doors.  Come with hinges. U.S.A.

Note: The 1928 doors do not have any provisions for an outside door handle, but the 1929 doors do. Order according to whether you want outside door handles or not.

Part # A-336-A1 Model Year 28-29
Part # A-336-B1 Model Year 30-31
Part # A-436-B1 Model Year 30-31
Part # A-836-AI Model Year 28-29
This is only the straight portion of the inner door. They do not repair the inside ends of the door that have the radius stamped in them. Sold in pairs only. U.S.A.
Part # A-1046-PL Model Year 28-29
Part # A-1047-PR Model Year 28-29
This rear door skin is made for the rear doors of the 1928-29 Phaeton. U.S.A.