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Part # A-45890-SCL Model Year 30-31
Part # A-45890-SCR Model Year 30-31
These finish off the top of the door opening. Open your door and look up, that is where these go. This style is only used on the Sport Coupes. U.S.A.
Part # A-19008-4DF Model Year 28-31
Part # A-19008-4DR Model Year 28-31

The 4-doors used an upper door seal that was different than the other Model A's used. They are steel with the rubber insert. Rear is 21-1/4" long, front is 23" long. U.S.A.

On Murray Fordor bodies, both front and rear doors are the same dimension other than the curved portion of the lower rear door.

A Murray would use 4 of the A-19008-4DF. On Briggs Fordor bodies, the front doors are wider than the rear doors. A Briggs body would use 2 of the A-19008-4DF and 2 of the A-19008-4DR.

Part # A-19009 Model Year 28-31
Part # A-19010 Model Year 28-31
Goes at the bottom of the door to make a tight seal. It gets sandwiched between the interior door panel and the door. One 8' roll is enough to do a car or truck including 4-doors. U.S.A.
Part # A-48167 Model Year 29-30
Part # A-48168 Model Year 31-31
These polished stainless steel strips mount vertically and hold the wind lace that seals the back edge of the door glass. U.S.A.
Part # A-45891-R Model Year 30-31
Part # A-45891-L Model Year 30-31
These are used on the door jam between the door opening and the top above the belt line of the body. Fits 1930-31 Sport Coupe. U.S.A.
Part # A-45883-A Model Year 28-31
Part # A-45883-C Model Year 30-31
This stamped steel panel covers the very top of the door. The door glass rolls up against this piece. U.S.A.
Part # A-45883-MB | Model Year 28-31
6-pc set for holding the door top cover plates onto the top of the door. For 1928-31 Tudor Sedan, 1928-31 Coupe, 1930-31 Pickup Truck. U.S.A.
$0.90 SET
Part # A-45890-MB | Model Year 28-31
Screws to attach the A-45890-A and A-45890-B header strips. Enough for 2. U.S.A.
$2.25 SET
Part # A-45890-A Model Year 30-31
Part # A-45890-B Model Year 30-31
Sold in pairs only. These slip up into the top of the door opening and finish it off. The back/rear end of the strip has the cut out for the upper door bumper to mount. U.S.A.