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Part # A-35655-AL Model Year 28-28
Part # A-35655-AR Model Year 28-28
This latch fits the 1928 style open car/truck door that doesn't have an external door handle.
Part # A-35655-ALX Model Year 28-29
Part # A-35655-ARX Model Year 28-28

Outstanding quality and fit with this 1928 style door latch. Fits Roadster, Phaeton and Roadster Pickup Trucks that didn't have an outside door handle.

This latch is American made and the fit is better than the cheaper import latches. Also fits the 1929 Roadster Pickup. U.S.A.


Part # A-80081 Model Year 26-29
Part # A-80082 Model Year 26-29

Finally, new American made latches that fit the 1928-29 Closed Cab Truck as well as the 1926-27 Coupe and Tudor Sedan.

The latch body is zinc plated, the actuating arm is nickel plated as was the original. The latches function just like the originals, the driver's side will lock and the passenger side has provisions for the lock cylinder. U.S.A.

An Excellent Reproduction!

Part # A-46124 | Model Year 28-31
This part is only used on the 4-door sedans with the exception of the slant windshield 4-doors. This is the part of the latch that twists when you turn the short lock knob to lock the door. U.S.A.
$7.95 EA
Part # A-46105-RIB Model Year 28-31
Part # A-46105-RIM Model Year 28-31
Special rivets required to repair 1928-Early 1931 Fordor door latches. Not for the Slant Windshield Fordor. U.S.A.
Part # A-46125-ML Model Year 28-31
Part # A-46125-MR Model Year 28-31
3 springs and 3 rivets to repair your 4-door latch. One kit does one door. This kit fits latches manufactured by Swiss. Doesn't fit slant windshield fordors. U.S.A.
Part # A-46125-BL Model Year 28-31
Part # A-46125-BR Model Year 28-31
3 springs and 1 rivet per kit. Fits 4-door sedan door latches that had a diamond shaped logo stamped on the latch. Does not fit the slant windshield 4-door. Each set does 1 door latch. U.S.A.
Part # A-46105-AR Model Year 28-29
Part # A-46106-AL Model Year 28-29
Part # A-46105-BR Model Year 30-31
Part # A-46106-BL Model Year 30-31
The very best latch on the market today. All top quality U.S. made. Fits Coupes, Tudors, and the 30-1 Trucks. The drivers side has the lock mechanism in it that works with the slide lock. U.S.A.
Part # A-46125-L | Model Year 30-31
For the door opening mechanism that had the twist style door opener. Used on 68C Cabriolet, 160-A,B,C Slant Windshield 4-Doors, 1930-31 Victoria, and the A-400. U.S.A.
$3.25 EA