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Part # A-115-A1 Model Year 28-29
Part # A-115-B1 Model Year 30-31
Use this apron when running a 32 shell on your model A. Fiberglass. 1928-29 is pictured. U.S.A.
Part # DFR-2829-32 Model Year 28-29
Part # DFR-3031-32 Model Year 30-31
Part # DFR-3031V Model Year 30-31
Part # DFR-3031-V32 Model Year 30-31
This Fiberglass dash is for the street rodder in mind. Gives plenty of room for all gauges, radio, and air ducts. The dash rail is incorporated into this dash. Fits Coupes, Tudors, and the Closed Cab Pick-ups. U.S.A.
Part # ADP-2829 Model Year 28-29
Part # ADP-3031 Model Year 30-31
This auburn style dash is made for the street rodder. Fits the open cars only, Roadster, Roadster Pickup, and Phaeton.  Fiberglass. U.S.A.
Part # A-014-CTA Model Year 28-29
Part # A-014-CTB Model Year 30-31

Street rodders normally get rid of the stock gas tank in the cowl to allow more room for gauges, radios, air ducts, etc. This smooth laminated fiberglass panel replaces the gas tank and gives you a smooth cowl top. U.S.A.

Part # DFR-289CS Model Year 28-29
Part # DFR-289-RPH Model Year 28-29
Part # DFR-3031CS Model Year 30-31
Part # DFR-3031 Model Year 30 31
Part # DFR-3031V Model Year 30-31
Part # A-115-A2 Model Year 28-29
Part # A-115-B2 Model Year 30-31
This apron is bubbled out to allow clearance for rack and pinion steering. Fiberglass
Part # A-115-B3 | Model Year 30-31
30-1's using 32 shell and rack and pinion front steering. Fiberglass U.S.A
$175.00 EA
Part # A-8200-32 | Model Year 28-32
For the street rodder, this is a filled fiberglass shell. Filled meaning that there is no hole in the top for the neck. It will also fit on 30-1 radiators. U.S.A.
$325.00 EA
Part # RP-2831-3 Model Year 28-31
Part # RP-2831-6 Model Year 28-31
Part # RPS-2831-3 Model Year 28-31
Part # RPS-2831-6 Model Year 28-31
These fiberglass pans go between the two back fenders under the sub frame cross channel to close up that space. For street rods. Available in a 3" or a 6" deep panel. U.S.A.