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Model A Spare Tire

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  1. Model A Spare Tire Carrier A-1379-AR (1928-1929) A-1379-B (1930-1931) A-1380-AR (1928-1931)  

    Rear spare tire carrier in cast aluminum.

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  2. Spare Tire Carrier Mount Kit A-1379-AMB (1928-1931) A-1379-MB (1928-1931)  

    All the hardware needed to mount the rear spare tire mount to the body.

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  3. Model A Spare Tire Support Bracket A-163-S (1930-1931) $59.95 / ea.  

    Goes behind the panel below the deck lid and gives support for bolting the rear mount spare tire on to the body.

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  4. Model A Spare Tire Support A-1401 (1930-1931) $12.95 / ea.  

    For the Coupes and Roadsters with a rear mounted spare tire.

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  5. Model A Spare Tire Stud A-1449 (1928-1931) $2.10 / ea.  

    Used on the rear mount spare tire carriers where there is a blind hole, or where there is not a square to accept the A-1448 bolt.

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  6. Model A Rear Spare Lock Nut A-1450-J (1928-1931) $1.00 / ea.  

    Thin jam nut that goes down over the spare mount stud to adjust the angle of the spare.

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  7. Model A Tire Bands A-1395-SPA (1928-1931) A-1395-SUA (1928-1931)  

    A popular accessory from back in the A' days.

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  8. Model A Face Plate A-1395-FP (1930-1931) $121.95 / ea.  

    Steel face plate that must be used with tire band.

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  9. Spare Tire Covers A-1395-A1 (1928-1929) A-1395-A2 (1928-1929) A-1395-A3 (1928-1929) A-1395-B1 (1930-1931) A-1395-B1F (1930-1931) A-1395-B2 (1930-1931)  

    We have a big selection of these naugahyde tire covers.

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  10. Model A Fender Wells A-1410-289 (1928-1929) A-1410-301 (1930-1931)  

    For the side mount spare tire, these wells are welded into the fender.

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  11. Model A Fender Mount Spare Carrier A-1406-A (1930-1931) A-1406-B (1930-1931)  

    The brackets for installing a spare tire in the front fender for the 1930-31.

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  12. Model A Fender Spare Tire Carrier A-1405-AR (1928-1929) $79.95 / set  

    For the 1928-29 Model A.

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