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  1. Model A Modern Shock Kit A-18014 (1928-1931) $344.95 / ea.  

    This is a complete shock package that will put modern cylinder style shocks on your Model A.

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  2. Hydraulic Shocks A-18015-B (1928-1931) A-18016-B (1928-1931)  

    A duplicate of the original Model A shock.

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  3. Shock Seal Set A-18096 (1928-1932) $28.75 / set  

    All the seals you need to rebuild 4 shocks all in one set.

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  4. Model A Ford Pointed Shock Needle Set A-18037-P (1928) $79.95 / set of 4  

    Needle style shock adjusting needles which were used from May through October of 1928.

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  5. Shock Needle Valves A-18037-H (1930-1931) A-18037-S (1928-1930)  

    The needle valve only for the shocks.

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  6. Shock Kit With Tubular Links A-18015-K (1928-1931) $1,185.00 / set  

    Original style shock kit with tubular links.

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  7. Shock Kit With Dog Bone Links A-18015-KD (1928-1931) $1,125.00 / set  

    Shock kit with dog bone links.

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  8. Heavy Duty Modern Shock Kit A-18014-HD (1928-1931) $369.95 / set  

    Same shock kit as our A-18014 except we have made the upper front and lower rear shock mounting brackets out of 1/4" thick steel instead of 3/16".

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  9. Model A Shock to Frame Bolts A-18015-MB (1928-1931) $6.65 / set  

    A set of the special bolts with lock washers, and lock nuts.

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  10. Model A Hydraulic Shocks Oil Plug A-18017-PL (1928-1931) $1.25 / ea.  

    The special plug used on the original hydraulic shocks for filling them with oil.

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  11. Model A Shock Arms A-18047-B (1928-1931) A-18052-B (1928-1931)  

    Very good quality forged shock arms.

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  12. Model A Shock Arm Bolts A-18047/52-MB (1928-1931) $6.25 / set  

    Special drilled bolts with castle nuts, and cotter pins.

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