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Model T Ruckstell Axle Parts

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  1. Model T Thrust Washer Shim T-2529-SHA (1909-1927) T-2529-SHB (1909-1927)  

    Spring steel shims for the differential thrust washers.

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  2. Ruckstell Ring Gear T-2518-R (1909-1927) $325.00 / ea  

    40 tooth Ruckstell ring gear only!! This does not include the pinion gear.

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  3. Ruckstell Lock Screw TP-1031-B (1909-1927) $8.50 / ea  

    1-7/8" shank for the TP-158-A style shift lock assembly.

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  4. 1926-27 Ruckstell Axle Plate T-2500-RPX (1926-1927) $17.95 / ea.  

    Slightly different than the rectangle plate used on earlier Ruckstell axles.

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  5. Model T Ruckstell Shift Knob T-2500-K (1909-1927) $4.95 / ea.  

    Black with white lettering.

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  6. Model T Ruckstell Knob T-2500-KO (1909-1927) $31.00 / ea.  

    For the purist, we offer this authentic style shifter knob.

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  7. Model T Ruckstell Shifter Rod T-2500-L (1909-1927) $77.95 / ea.  

    This rod runs from the shift lever back to the rear end.

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  8. Model T Ruckstell Axle Shift Lever T-2500-REL (1909-1927) $67.95 / ea.  

    This lever unit bolts to the frame, and the handle comes up the same hole as the emergency brake lever.

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  9. Model T Ford Ruckstell Axle Data Plate T-2500-RP (1909-1927) $4.95 / ea.  

    Replace that worn or missing data plate on the left rear axle housing.

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  10. Model T Ruckstell Shifter Assy. T-2500-RUC (1909-1927) $152.00 / ea.  

    This is a copy of the original style shifter that comes up through the center of the car.

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  11. Model T Ruckstell Shift Rod Support T-2500-S (1909-1927) $14.95 / ea.  

    This support clamps to the drive shaft housing to support the shifter rod.

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  12. Model T Ruckstell Axle Kits T-2501-A (1920-1925) T-2501-B (1926-1927) T-2501-E (1913-1919)  

    Convert your original rear end to a Ruckstell axle.

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