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Model T Radiator Items

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  1. Model T 1916-23 Radiator Apron T-3977-E (1916-1923) $55.00 / ea.  

    Much thinner than the later aprons.

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  2. Radiator Neck Flag Set T-18502 (1909-1916) T-18502-C (1917-1927)  

    Clamps around the radiator neck and holds 5 American Flags 9which are included), The 1/2" wide band is adjustable so it will fit on various vehicles.

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  3. Water Pump Packing A-8524 (1926-1931) $3.25 / ea.  

    A 12" long piece of graphite impregnated ePTFF composite packing.

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  4. Model T 1923-25 Radiator Apron T-3977 (1923-1925) $31.00 / ea.  

    Mounts under the radiator and your crank passes through the hole in the center.

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  5. Model T 1926-27 Radiator Apron T-3977-REC (1926-1927) $39.95 / ea.  

    Mounts under the radiator and your crank passes through the hole in the middle of this part.

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  6. All Weather Seal M-6007 (1909-1931) $13.50 / ea.  

    Stops head gasket leaks! Unlike Ceramic Motor Seal, this product can be mixed with your antifreeze and left in the vehicle.

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  7. Model T Ford Brass Radiator Mounting Nut T-3929-N (1909-1916) $3.00 / ea.  

    Brass castle nut used for mounting the early brass era radiators.

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  8. Model T Brass Water Pipes T-3939-B (1909-1927) T-3939-WPB (1909-1927)  

    Again, we can offer these solid brass water pipes.

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  9. Model T Chrome Radiator Shield Trim Strip T-3977-D (1926-1927) $19.60 / ea.  

    The decorative chrome strip used on the 1926-27 cars.

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  10. Hose Clamp Set A-8261/87 (1909-1931) $9.95 / set  

    The original style hose clamps just like Ford used.

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  11. Model T Hose Clamps T-3945-E1 (1908-1909) $79.95 / set of 4  

    Walker style hose clamps as used originally on the first 2500 T's that had a factory water pump on the front of the engine.

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  12. Model T Hose Clamps T-3945-E2 (1909-1910) $119.95 / set of 6  

    Walker style hose clamps as used originally from 1909 through July of 1910.

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