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  1. Balancing Tires T-18800-AX (1909-1927) $14.00 / ea.  

    Using Modern weights to balance the tires on your Model T.

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  2. Restoration Welding 101 T-18801-TX (1909-1931) $14.00 / ea  

    Bob Ross shows the various welding equipment available and which ones are the right ones for restoration use.

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  3. Restoration Welding 102 T-18801-UX (1909-1931) $14.00 / ea.  

    Bob Ross reviews the types of metal you will encounter during the restoration process.

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  4. Babbitting Part 2 T-18801-WX (1909-1927) $14.00 / ea  

    Larry Azeveto continues preparation and actual babbitting of the block, 4th main and more.

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  5. Anatomy Of A 1923 Center Door Restoration T-18801-XX (1923) $14.00 / ea  

    A labor of love over many years, Joe Fellin gives us the history of Ford's Centerdoor as well as his techniques in this restoration project.

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  6. Model T Fashion T-18801-OX (1909-1927) $14.00 / ea.  

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  7. Model T Tires, Part I T-18800-BX (1909-1927) $14.00 / ea.  

    Covers the types of rims and tires used on Model T's; tools and tips on repairing rims and mounting tires; how to mount a tire on a clincher rim.

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  8. Model T Tires, Part II T-18800-CX (1909-1927) $14.00 / ea.  

    Covers building a tire mounting station; mounting tires on the drop center type and split rims type rims; tools and tips on repairing rims.

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  9. The Model T Fuel Filter T-18800-DX (1909-1927) $14.00 / ea.  

    Restoring the different types of model T fuel filters; installing modern fuel line shut-off valves.

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  10. Model T Bands T-18800-EX (1909-1927) $14.00 / ea.  

    Changing the transmission band linings.

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  11. Restoring the Transmission (Hogshead) Cover T-18800-FX (1909-1927) $14.00 / ea.  

    Types of hogsheads, tools and tips, disassembly, pedal straightening, pedal alignment, O-rings, sealing techniques, and assembly.

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  12. Restoring the T Cutout T-18800-GX (1919-1927) $14.00 / ea.  

    Types of cutouts.

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