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  1. Model T Starter Solenoid T-5014-SL12 (1919-1927) T-5014-SL6 (1919-1927)  

    Solenoids are used when modifying the factory type starting system.

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  2. 12-Volt Starter T-5099-12 (1919-1927) $439.95 / ea  

    A 12-volt gear reduced starter for your Model T.

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  3. Model T Starter Drive Assembly T-5018 (1919-1927) $75.00 / ea.  

    Complete drive assembly, including the key.

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  4. Model T Starter Drive Head T-5019 (1919-1927) $8.50 / ea.  

    Goes at the very end of the starter drive.

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  5. Model T Starter Drive Key T-5020 (1919-1927) $0.35 / ea.  

    The key that fits in the key-way on the starter shaft that holds the one end of the starter drive in place.

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  6. Model T Starter Drive Sleeve T-5021 (1919-1927) $12.25 / ea.  

    This sleeve goes at the head of the drive, and spins on the drive shaft.

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  7. Model T Collar Pin/Spring T-5021-PS (1919-1927) $4.25 / ea.  

    This supports the counterweight on the gear that slides in and out.

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  8. Model T Bendix Spring T-5022 (1919-1927) $10.95 / ea.  

    A really nice repo of the original spring.

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  9. Model T Starter Drive Gear Only T-5023 (1919-1927) $19.95 / ea.  

    Very well made! T-5021-PS is not included.

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  10. Model T Starter Drive Washers T-5025 (1919-1929) $0.50 / ea.  

    Special locking washers that lock drive spring bolts in place on starter drive.

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  11. Model T Starter Drive Bolt/Washer Set T-5026 (1919-1927) $2.85 / set  

    Both special 5/16" bolts with the two locking washers.

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  12. Model T Starter Gasket T-5056 (1919-1927) $0.95 / ea.  

    For mounting the starter motor.

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