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  1. Model T Front Cross Member Rivets RT-2000 (1909-1927) $8.50 / ea.  

    For installing front cross member and reinforcing gussets.

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  2. Model T Rear Cross Member Rivets RT-2001 (1909-1927) $8.50 / ea.  

    Kit consists of Twenty-two 1/4 D.

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  3. Model T Body Bracket Rivets RT-2002 (1909-1927) $3.00 / ea.  

    Kit consists of; Eight 1/4 D.

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  4. Model T Brake Quadrant Rivets RT-2003 (1909-1927) $2.50 / ea.  

    Attaches hand brake quadrant to the frame.

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  5. Model T Running Board Bracket Rivets RT-2004 (1909-1921) RT-2004-S (1921-1927)  

    Rivets the running board brackets to the frame.

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  6. Model T Axle Tube Rivets RT-2005 (1909-1927) $0.30 / ea.  

    Round headed steel rivet used to attach the axle housing tubes to the ends and center section.

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  7. Model A Drill Out Tools and Bucking Bar RA-1009 (1909-1931) RA-1010 (1928-1931) RA-1012 (1909-1931)  

    Special tool that fits over the round head of the rivet for drilling out old brazier head rivets.

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  8. Model A Waffle Tool RA-1011 (1928-1931) $28.95 / ea.  

    Tool for peening the end of the new rivets.

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  9. Manual Rivet Tool RA-1013 (1909-1931) RA-1014 (1909-1931) RA-1022 (1909-1931) RA-1024 (1909-1931)  

    For setting solid rivets and giving them a rounded peen.

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  10. Air Rivet Tool RA-1015 (1909-1931) RA-1016 (1909-1931) RA-1023 (1909-1931) RA-1025 (1909-1931)  

    This tool is used for setting solid rivets and giving them a round peened appearance.

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  11. Tubular Riveting Tools RA-1017 (1909-1931) RA-1018 (1909-1931) RA-1019 (1909-1931)  

    These tools are used to properly set the tubular style rivets that are used throughout the the Model A.

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  12. Model A Rivet Jacks RA-1020 (1909-1931) RA-1021 (1909-1931) RA-1026 (1909-1931)  

    Used for bucking the heads of rivets in tight areas, such as within the frame.

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