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  1. Model T Ford Exhaust Manifold T-3060-B (1909-1927) $85.00 / ea.  

    Replace your Model T Ford exhaust manifold with a nice top quality U.

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  2. Model T Dual Exhaust Manifold T-3060-D (1909-1927) $295.00 / ea.  

    Copy of an original accessory.

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  3. Model T Exhaust Manifold Gasket T-3060-DG (1909-1927) $4.75 / ea.  

    Replacement flange gasket for our T-3060-D manifold.

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  4. Model T Manifold Adapter T-3060-ADP (1909-1927) $63.50 / ea.  

    Steel adapter plate needed when converting your Model T to use the Model A exhaust manifold.

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  5. Model T Manifold Adapter Kit T-3060-TA (1909-1927) $250.00 / ea.  

    This kit gives you everything that you need to attach a Model A intake and exhaust manifolds onto your Model T.

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  6. Model T Manifold Cooker Stainless Steel T-3060-MCSS (1909-1927) $59.95 / ea.  

    Sets on top of your exhaust manifold so you can cook as you tour.

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  7. Model T Exhaust Pack Nut T-3061 (1909-1927) $9.95 / ea.  

    A well made brass nut with sharp threads.

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  8. Model T Exhaust Pipe Mount Kit T-3061-ACC (1909-1927) $55.95 / ea.  

    If the threads on your manifold are in bad shape or you simply want an easier way to install the tail pipe, this is the answer! The upper ring is held to the manifold with allen headed set screws.

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  9. Model T Pack Nut Locker T-3061-L (1909-1927) $5.50 / ea.  

    An old accessory item that clamps around the exhaust pipe and has a finger that wraps over the edge of the pack nut to keep it from working loose.

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  10. Model T Pack Nut Wrench T-3061-W (1909-1927) $39.95 / ea.  

    A large cast wrench for installing or removing the T-3061 exhaust pipe pack nut.

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  11. Model T Intake Manifolds T-3062 (1909-1927) T-6272 (1926-1927)  

    Both the early style and the later vaporizer are available.

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  12. Model T High Volume Aluminum Intake T-3062-B (1912-1927) $99.00 / ea.  

    This is a duplicate of the aluminum manifold used on 1912-15 T's, but it has a larger bore that flows 60% more air volume than a stock manifold.

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