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  1. Model T Ford Front Hub Dust Seal Retainer T-2808-H (1909-1918) T-2808-K (1909-1918) T-2808-P (1909-1918)  

    Dust rings for the front wheels.

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  2. Wire Wheel Brake Drums T-2889 (1926-1927) $65.00 / ea.  

    Replace those cracked or worn drums with good heavy new ones.

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  3. Model T Wood Wheel Front Hub T-2803-B (1916-1927) $259.95 / ea.  

    For wood wheels only! Correct for the 1916-27 but will work on all years.

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  4. Model T Felt Hub Washer T-2809 (1909-1927) $0.70 / ea.  

    Use on both front and rear hubs to keep out dirt.

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  5. Model T Inner & Outer Wheel Bearing Balls T-2810 (1909-1919) T-2811 (1909-1919)  

    If you are still running the original style front wheel bearings with the loose balls rather than the tapered rollers, these are replacement balls only.

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  6. Model T Wood Wheel Rear Hub T-2815 (1909-1927) $149.95 / ea.  

    For wood wheels only! Will not work on 1926-27 wire wheels.

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  7. Model A Axle Keys A-4243 (1909-1931) $1.95 / pr.  

    Check your old keys to be sure that they aren't worn.

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  8. Model T Hub Puller (Rear) T-2819-P (1909-1927) T-2819-PT (1919-1927)  

    No more ruined axles with this tool! Threads on rear hub cap threads and a bolt threads down against the end of the axle shaft and keeps outward pressure on the hub while you tap the end of this tool.

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  9. Model T Authentic Ford Hub Bolts T-2825-A (1909-1927) T-2825-OR (1909-1927)  

    For the purist, we can now offer these authentic Ford hub bolts.

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  10. Model T Rocky Mountain Hub Bolts T-2825-A (1909-1927) T-2825-RM (1909-1927)  

    When you add rocky mountain brakes to the rear axle of your T, you'll need these longer bolts to accommodate the extra thickness of the new brake drum.

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  11. Model T Front Hub Bearing Set T-2833 (1909-1927) T-2833/38 (1909-1927) T-2834 (1909-1927) T-2836 (1909-1927) T-2837 (1909-1927) T-2838 (1909-1927)  

    This set contains both the bearing and the cups for a complete change over for any year Model T.

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  12. Model T Outer Bearing Kit T-2833-XL (1909-1927) T-2833-XR (1909-1927)  

    Due to ongoing problems getting the original style bearings from Timken, we now have this alternate outer bearing and race kit.

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