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  1. Model T Thread Repair Tool T-2815-T (1909-1927) $85.00 / ea.  

    This tool is designed to chase the threads on the hub where the hub cap threads on.

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  2. Model T Brass Hub Cap T-2819 (1909-1910) T-2819-Q4 (1909-1910)  

    Solid brass with block type Ford imprint for the wood wheel.

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  3. Model T Brass Hub Cap T-2819-A1 (1911-1912) T-2819-A1-Q4 (1911-1912)  

    Solid brass with Ford script.

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  4. Model T Brass Hub Cap T-2819-A T-2819-A-Q4  

    Solid brass with the Ford imprint in the script for the wood wheels.

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  5. Model T Brass Hub Cap T-2819-B (1913-1916) T-2819-B-Q4 (1913-1916)  

    Solid brass hub cap for the 1913-16 wood wheels.

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  6. Model T Wood Wheel Hub Caps T-2819-C (1917-1927) T-2819-C-Q4 (1917-1927) T-2819-D (1917-1927) T-2819-D-Q4 (1917-1927)  

    Available in either nickel or chrome.

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  7. Model T Canadian Hub Caps T-2819-CAN (1915-1927) T-2819-CANC (1915-1927) T-2819-CANN (1915-1927)  

    For the Canadian built T's, these caps have the Ford script and say Made In Canada on the face.

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  8. Model T TT Truck Hub Caps T-2819-T (1919-1927) $19.95 / ea.  

    Used on the rear axle of the 1-ton truck.

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  9. Model T Wire Wheel Hub Caps T-2885-BR (1926-1927) T-2885-C (1926-1927) T-2885-N (1926-1927)  

    Used on the 26-27 wire wheel made by Ford.

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