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  1. Model T Forged Crankshaft T-3030-F (1909-1927) T-3030-FD (1909-1927) T-3030-FX (1909-1927) T-3030-FXD (1909-1927)  

    Forged and counterbalanced crankshafts for the Model T.

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  2. Crankshaft End Play Shim T-3030-SH (1909-1927) $21.00 / ea.  

    A copy of an era accessory originally made by Attwood Brass.

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  3. Model A Plastigage A-6304 (1909-1931) $2.25 / ea.  

    Plastigage takes the guess work out of putting the proper clearance in rod and main bearings.

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  4. Model T Bearing Scraper T-3030-T (1909-1927) $16.50 / ea.  

    Same tool as used in the 20's for scraping babbit bearings to fit crankshafts.

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  5. Model A Crank Main Caps T-3031-MCA (1909-1927) $179.95 / set  

    The caps needed when installing a Model A crank in your Model T.

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  6. Model T Rebabbitted Main Bearing Caps T-3031 (1909-1927) T-3032 (1909-1927) T-3033 (1909-1927)  

    EXCHANGE ONLY!  We must have your old caps before we can send you a new one.

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  7. Rear Main Caps T-3031-010 (1909-1927) T-3031-020 (1909-1927) T-3031-030 (1909-1927)  

    SOLD ON EXCHANGE ONLY! We must have your old caps before we can send you a new one.

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  8. Model T KRW Babbitt Pouring Blocks T-3037 (1909-1927) $149.95 / set of 6  

    These blocks were originally supplied by K.

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  9. Model T Main Bearing Shim Set T-3038/39 (1909-1927) T-3038/39-X (1909-1927)  

    This set has two shims for the rear main and four shims for the center and front bearings.

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  10. Model T Crankshaft Starting Pin T-3040 (1909-1919) T-3040-B (1920-1927)  

    This pin holds the lower pulley on the crankshaft and the ratchet for the crank locks into the pin while cranking the car.

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  11. Model T New Camshaft T-3041-250 (1909-1927) T-3041-280 (1909-1927)  

    New camshafts available in two grinds.

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  12. Model T Camshaft Thrust Kit T-3042-TK (1912-1927) $33.75 / ea.  

    Specially machined cam nut with thrust washers to eliminate noise at low rpm's.

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