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  1. Model T Crank Holder T-3900-F (1917-1927) T-3900-FB (1909-1916)  

    The flat type was the most popular in T days! Made of black leather.

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  2. Steel Crank Handle T-3902-C (1915-1921) $38.50 / ea  

    Steel style crank handle that was used from 1915-1921.

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  3. Model T Crank Handle T-3903-A (1911-1914) T-3903-B (1909-1910)  

    The early cranks had the crank handle held on with a pin.

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  4. Model T Crank Sleeve T-3903 (1909-1927) $2.25 / ea.  

    This rolled steel bushing is the one that is pressed into the front section of the motor pan.

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  5. Model T Crank Pin T-3905 (1909-1927) $0.75 / ea.  

    A exact copy of the original crank pin used to hold the ratchet onto the crank.

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  6. Model T Accessory Crank Pin T-3905-SN (1909-1927) $7.95 / ea.  

    Replaces the T-3905 pin that holds the crank ratchet to the crank.

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  7. Model T Hand Crank Ratchet T-3906 (1909-1927) $20.50 / ea.  

    Ratchet only for the hand crank.

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  8. Model T Crank Spring T-3908 (1909-1927) $0.95 / ea.  

    Before you slip the crank through the crank guide, this spring slips over the shank, and there is a hole in the crank handle for the spring to lock into.

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  9. Model T Crank Handle Spring T-3909 (1915-1922) $0.80 / ea.  

    Used only on the 1915-22 hand cranks with the machined steel handle, not on the rolled sheet metal style handles.

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