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  1. Model T Spark & Gas Rods T-3524-BR (1909-1912) T-3524-SS (1917-1927)  

    Newly manufactured control rods.

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  2. Commutator Rod Swivel Joint T-3534-X (1909-1921) $29.95 / ea  

    Swivel end only that threads onto the early commutator rods.

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  3. Model T Extension Levers T-3524-ACC (1909-1927) T-3524-ACCB (1909-1927)  

    A little accessory for the spark and gas rod levers.

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  4. Model T Spark & Gas Rod Knobs T-3526 (1909-1914) $26.95 / pr.  

    Early T's used these black round knobs on the ends of the spark and gas rods.

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  5. Model T Spark & Gas Rod Springs T-3527 (1909-1927) $1.25 / pr.  

    For the gas and spark rods.

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  6. Model T Spring Cups T-3528-S (1909-1927) $4.65 / pr.  

    For the spark and gas rod springs.

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  7. Model T Pins for Spark & Gas Lever T-3529 (1909-1927) $0.40 / pr.  

    Pins that hold the levers onto the spark and gas rods that run down the steering column.

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  8. Model T Spark Lever Arm T-3530 (1909-1927) $8.95 / ea.  

    Cast lever gets pinned to the end of the spark rod that runs down the steering column, and hooks the rod that goes from the steering column to the timer.

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  9. Model T Throttle Lever Arms T-3531 (1909-1914) T-3531-A (1915-1927)  

    Pins to the throttle rod for the carb rod to attach to.

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  10. Model T Spark/Throttle Rod Guide T-3532 (1909-1915) T-3532-B (1916-1927)  

    Holds spark/gas rods in place on steering shaft.

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  11. Model T Commutator Control Rod T-3534-B (1912-1925) T-3534-C (1926-1927)  

    Rod that runs from the steering column over to the timer.

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