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Ford Model T Brakes

Snyder's Antique Auto carries brakes and brake parts for the Ford Model T. Please feel free to email Snyder's Antique Auto with questions or comments about the brakes and braking systems of the Ford Model T. We are ready to help you with your restoration of your Model T!


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  1. Model T Brake Rods T-3468-A (1909-1917) T-3468-B (1918-1925) T-3468-C (1926-1927) T-3468-TT (1919-1927)  


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  2. Model T Ford Emergency Brake Lever T-2562 (1909-1925) $23.50 / ea.  

    Brake lever and two pins.

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  3. Hand Brake Extension T-3455-EXT (1909-1925) $79.95 / ea.  

    Attaches to the top of your hand brake lever handle with no modifications to the brake lever.

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  4. APCO Brake Rod Supports T-3470-ACC (1909-1927) $39.95 / pr.  

    Accessory APCO brake rod supports for Model T's.

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  5. Brake & Run Kit A-13403 (1909-1931) $123.95 / set  

    The Brake & Run kit is designed to give you additional visibility on the rear of your vehicle.

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  6. Brake and Run Kit A-13403-X (1909-1931) $134.95 / set  

    The Brake & Run kit is designed to give you additional visibility on the rear of your vehicle.

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  7. Brake Drums For Wood Wheels T-2818 (1909-1925) T-2818-B (1926-1927)  

    Replace those cracked or worn Ford brake drums with good heavy new ones.

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  8. Brake Rivet Tool Kit A-2018-T (1909-1931) $9.95 / set  

    Kit comes with a punch to knock out old rivets, a tool to swedge new tubular rivets, and a tool to drill and countersink linings.

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  9. Model T Backing Plate Mount Kit T-2560-MB (1926-1927) $1.50 / set  

    Bolts that look like rivets for attaching brake backing plates to axle housings.

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  10. Model T Brake Backing Plates T-2560 (1926-1927) T-2561 (1926-1927)  

    This is the plate on the rear axle that holds the brake band.

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  11. Model T Brake Band Clips T-2560-CL (1926-1927) $5.00 / ea.  

    Four of these are used on each brake backing plate.

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  12. Model T Brake Cam Repair Sleeves T-2556 (1909-1925) $9.95 / pr.  

    If you have worn brake cams, brake shoes, brake drums, or all of the above, this is a pretty simple fix.

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