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Model T Ford Books

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  1. Model T Memories BC-4 (1909-1927) $23.75 / ea.  

    A book filled with information about the model T changes made from year to year along with production data.

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  2. Model T Scrapbook BC-5 (1909-1927) $20.25 / ea.  

    Over 200 pages filled with pictures and early sales ads.

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  3. Tuning Up: Restoring a Ruckstell For A Model T BR-3 (1909-1927) $30.00  

    By Milton Webb.

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  4. Bosch Plate Distributor Book BT-27 (1909-1927) $2.65 / ea.  

    Instructions and installation for the original Bosch plate distributor.

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  5. Tuning Up: Relining The Bands on a Model T BT-28 (1909-1927) $29.95 / ea.  

    This book covers relining transmission bands, adjusting bands, adjusting clutch link, and how to drive your Model T without burning up the bands.

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  6. Going West In A Model T Ford BT-17 (1909-1927) $6.50 / ea.  

    Going West in a Model T Ford"  In 1919 Jim and Bill Kackeison drove a 1916 Model T from Binghamton, N.

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  7. Looie And His Tin Lizzie BT-29 (1909-1926) $12.00  

    A 56 page book that reproduces the comic strip "Looie And His Tin Lizzie", by Russ Westover which was  syndicated in 1917 and 1918 by the New York Herald.

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  8. Atwater Kent Distributor Instructions BT-LAK1 (1909-1927) BT-LAK2 (1909-1927) BT-LAK3 (1909-1927)  

    Reprints of the instructions that came with the distributor kit when it was new.

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  9. Body Parts List BT-10 (1926-1927) BT-9 (1923)  

    Lists all body parts for all body styles.

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  10. Chassis Parts List BT-5 (1909-1915) BT-6 (1916-1921) BT-7 (1926-1927)  

    Lists all the chassis component pieces, and tells from what year to year each part will cover.

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  11. Delco Ignition Instructions BT-26 (1909-1927) $3.50 / ea.  

    A duplicate of the original Delco-Remy distributor brochure.

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