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  1. Model T Body Mounting Bracket T-2863 (1909-1927) $19.75 / ea.  

    This bracket is riveted to the frame and the body anchors to it.

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  2. Model T Body Bracket T-3601-A (1909-1916) T-3601-B (1917-1925)  

    Heavy steel bracket that is bolted to the body where it attaches to the frame.

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  3. Model T Rear Frame Bracket T-3601-C (1909-1913) $41.50 / pr.  

    The rear fender bracket attached to this bracket that was riveted to the rear end of the early T frames.

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  4. Body To Frame Bracket T-3601-T (1910-1911) $27.95 / ea.  

    Front body mounting bracket that attaches to the body, torpedo only.

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  5. Model T Body Bracket T-3601-FL (1921-1925) T-3601-FR (1921-1925)  

    Front body mounting bracket that was used on the 1921-25 T's.

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  6. Model T Depot Hack Firewall and Windshield Brackets T-3636-DP (1917-1922) $129.95 / pr.  

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  7. Model T Cowl Light Brackets T-3654 $88.00 / pr.  

    Cast brass cowl light brackets for the Torpedo Roadsters Unpolished.

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  8. Model T Oil Side Light Brackets T-3655-AS (1923-1925) $32.75 / pr.  

    This style of bracket was used on the 1923-25 Roadster, Touring, and Roadster Pickups.

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  9. Model T Oil Side Light Brackets T-3655-SE (1909-1927) $57.50 / pr.  

    Used on closed cars, trucks and depot hacks.

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  10. Model T Side Light Bracket T-3655-DE (1917-1927) $54.50 / pr.  

    Used on depot hacks and trucks.

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  11. Model T Brass Dash Screws T-3655/56-AS (1909-1914) $4.90 / ea.  

    Brass screws to attach the wooden firewall to the brackets that mount to the frame.

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  12. Model T Authentic Oil Light Brackets T-3655/56-14 (1914) T-3655/56-E3 (1911-1912) T-3655/56-E4 (1913)  

    For the purist, we can offer you these black powder coated cowl lamp brackets.

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