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  1. Vacuum Wiper Repair Kit A-17500-K (1928-1931) $9.50 / set  

    Fits Trico KCX, KSB, and KSL motors with 1" wide bowls and snap on style covers.

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  2. Windshield Wiper Motor Cover A-17586-A (1928-1930) $105.00 / ea.  

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  3. Wiper Boot Plates A-17595-PAR (1928) $8.75 / pr.  

    Used on the 1928 electric windshield wiper motor mounts when the closed style (A-17595-AR) rubber boots were used.

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  4. Vacuum Wiper Screw A-17503 (1928-1931) $2.50 / ea  

    Vacuum wiper motor screw bit.

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  5. Authentic Vacuum Wiper Arm A-17530-H (1930-1931) $20.50 / ea  

    8-1/4" vacuum wiper arm used on 160-B Town Sedan, 160-C Deluxe 4-door, and Victoria.

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  6. Wiper Blade Arm Support A-17564-A (1928) $38.95 / ea.  

    Nickle plated blade arm used on the 1928 closed cars.

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  7. Model A Wiper Mounting Screws A-17500-CMB (1929-1931) A-17500-OMB (1928-1931)  

    Screws for mounting the wiper motor.

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  8. Model A Electric Wiper Motor A-17500-E6 (1928-1931) $36.95 / ea.  

    It is best to find original wiper motors and use this as a last resort.

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  9. Model A Wiper Wire Kit A-17500-WK (1928-1930) $7.50 / ea.  

    The correct black and blue cloth covered wire to run from the terminal box to the wiper motor.

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  10. Model A Wire Support A-14591 (1928-1929) A-14591-GR (1928-1929)  

    This unique clip was held in place by a bolt that held the gas tank to the cowl.

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  11. Model A Wiper Shaft Nut A-17502 $1.25 / ea.  

    Special nut used to hold the vacuum windshield wiper in place on the slant windshield Model A's.

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  12. Model A Electric Wiper Kit A-17507-12 (1928-1931) A-17507-6 (1928-1931)  

    Finally! An electric wiper kit that is a direct replacement for the old electric or vacuum wiper motor that mounted to the outside of the closed car windshield frame.

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