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  1. How to Stop on a Dime A-18800-AD (1928-1931) $39.95 / ea.  

    Takes you through all of the trials and tribulations on rebuilding the brakes on your model A so that when you step on the brake, "You Stop".

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  2. Timing the Ignition A-18800-BD (1928-1931) $39.95 / ea.  

    The basic tune-up is presented in a practical, step by step visualization of the adjustments necessary to make the Model A engine run right.

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  3. Autumn Trails A-18800-C (1928-1931) $39.95 / ea.  

    Centers around a little town called Winnsboro, Texas.

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  4. Carburetors and Carbohydrates A-18800-DVD (1928-1931) $39.95 / ea.  

    An excellent movie that deals strictly with the Zenith carb.

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  5. Dial D for Distributor A-18800-ED (1928-1931) $39.95 / ea.  

    A thriller with a double edged plot.

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  6. Gennin Along with Lloyd & Floyd A-18800-FD (1928-1931) $39.95 / ea.  

    Tells about the kinds and types of Model A generators.

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  7. How to Avoid Fahrenheit Fright A-18800-GD (1928-1931) $39.95 / ea.  

    Promising us a chilling message, the film takes us on a journey through the cooling system, a description on radiators and water pumps, the restoration of the parts and then offers some good tips on keeping you engine cool.

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  8. The Flasher A-18800-HD (1928-1931) $39.95 / ea.  

    Safety is of top concern nowadays, and turn signals are one of the most needed items for the Model A.

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  9. Roadside Troubleshooting A-18800-KD (1928-1931) $39.95 / ea.  

    A one of a kind Model A movie! Learn troubleshooting with the help of the Model A Team! Cammie Camshaft, Heady Headlights, and Felecia Filter.

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  10. 40 Horses A-18800-L (1928-1931) $39.95 / ea.  

    All about judging the Model A engine compartment.

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  11. Transmission Rebuilding A-18800-MD (1928-1931) $29.95 / ea.  

    Everything you need to know for rebuilding the Model A transmission.

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  12. Model A DVD's A-18801-A (1929-1931) A-18801-B (1929-1931) A-18801-C (1929-1931) A-18801-D (1929-1931) A-18801-E (1929-1931) A-18801-F (1929-1931) A-18801-G (1929-1931) A-18801-H (1929-1931) A-18801-I (1929-1931) A-18801-J (1928-1931) A-18801-K (1929-1931) A-18801-L (1929-1931) A-18801-M (1929-1931) A-18801-N (1929-1931) A-18801-P (1929-1931) A-18801-Q (1929-1931) A-18801-R (1929-1931) A-18801-S (1929-1931) A-18801-T (1929-1931) A-18801-U (1929-1931) A-18801-V (1929-1931) A-18801-W (1928-1931)  

    Diablo A's Technical Seminar Series.

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