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  1. Motorcraft Spark Plugs A-12405-RE (1928-1934) $4.75 / ea.  

    We have Motorcraft plugs for the Model A's.

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  2. Champion "GO" Spark Plugs A-12405 (1928-1934) $9.00 / ea.  

    If you want the Champion name for your Model A, we have this plug for the every day car or what we call the "GO" car.

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  3. Model A Autolite Spark Plug A-12405-AU (1928-1934) $3.50 / ea.  

    Won't pass judging standards if you are showing your car but for the driver, the price can't be beat! Plug comes with gasket and screw on caps.

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  4. Model A Show Spark Plugs A-12405-3X (1928-1934) $37.00 / ea.  

    For the show cars, we offer the original style 3X take apart style plug.

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  5. Model A 3X Spark Plug Base A-12406 (1928-1931) $15.75 / ea.  

    For National Judging, this is the correct later style Champion 3X spark plug base.

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  6. Model A Spark Plug Hole Tap A-12407 (1928-1934) $33.95 / ea.  

    Taps hole in cylinder head where spark plug threads in.

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  7. 14mm Spark Plugs T-5201-14M (1909-1931) $2.75 / ea.  

    NGK spark plugs used both on Model T and Model A's.

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  8. Model A Spark Plug Adapters A-12405-ADP (1928-1934) A-12405-ADP-Q4 (1928-1934)  

    Use these on your Model A if you want to use modern 14mm spark plugs.

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  9. Model A Spark Plug Nuts A-12409 (1928-1934) $1.85 / set of 4  

    Original brass nuts for on top of the spark plug.

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  10. Model A Spark Plug Gaskets A-12410 (1928-1934) $3.50 / set of 4  

    For the show car, we have these copper gaskets with the filler gasket in them.

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