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Model A Ford Rear Axle

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  1. Model A Rebuilt Axle Housing A-4010-B (1928-1931) $395.00 / exchange  

    These axle housings have the following things done to them: new A-4222 race installed, new A-4245 seal installed, shock ball replaced if necessary, shackle bushing hole repaired with new bushing, new A-1225-SL bearing sleeve installed in end.

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  2. Deluxe Rear End Gasket Set A-4035-SX (1928-1931) $14.95 / set  

    Kit includes 4 different thicknesses of axle housing gaskets, .

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  3. Model A Shackle Bushings A-4020 (1928-1931) A-4020-Q4 (1928-1931)  

    For the rear leaf spring and the rear perches.

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  4. Model A Rear Perch Ball A-4024 (1928-1931) $2.60 / ea.  

    Ford started making the rear spring perch ball as a separate piece in February of 1930.

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  5. Model A Straight Shank Rear Perch Ball A-4024-S (1928-1931) $2.75 / ea.  

    This is the ball that is part of the rear leaf spring perch that the shock link mounts to.

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  6. Model A Differential Drain Plug A-4030 (1926-1931) $0.65 / ea.  

    The original style.

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  7. Model A Axle Housing To Pumpkin Bolts A-4035-MB (1928-1931) $15.50 / set  

    Complete set of original style thick headed bolts that bolt the axle shaft housings tot he differential housing.

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  8. Model A Gasket Set A-4035-S (1928-1931) $7.95 / set  

    This gasket set takes care of the rear axle and the universal joint.

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  9. Model A Gasket A-4207 (1928-1931) $0.50 / ea.  

    Used to fasten the torque tube to the rear axle housing.

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  10. Model A Rear End Housing Gasket A-4235-G (1928-1931) A-4235-G6 (1928-1931)  

    Available in either .

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  11. Model A Standard Ratio Ring & Pinion A-4209 (1928-1931) $450.00 / ea.  

    9-34 3:78 to 1  Fits all Model A cars and small trucks!  Gears are now made in Italy.

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  12. Model A High Speed Ring & Pinion A-4209-HS (1928-1931) A-4209-HSS (1928-1931)  

    These gears will increase your speed slightly.

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