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  1. Muffler Without Tailpipe A-5230-X (1928-1931) $200.00 / ea.  

    Use this muffler for AA trucks or for Station Wagons / Panel Deliveries with the A-5255-B tailpipe extender or when building a custom tail pipe.

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  2. No Nut Exhaust Clamp A-5251-X (1928-1931) $13.95 / ea.  

    This clamp eliminates the cumbersome nuts so installation is much easier.

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  3. Model A Muffler Heat Deflector A-5230-HS (1928-1931) $32.50 / ea.  

    Just what your co-pilot was asking for! This heat deflector bolts right onto your exhaust system in 10 minutes! Forces the exhaust heat down away from your floor.

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  4. Model A Authentic Model A Muffler A-5230-OR (1928-1931) A-5230-ORSS (1928-1931)  

    An authentic Model A muffler copy that has been reproduced to the original Ford blueprint.

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  5. Model A 1928 Early 29 Authentic Muffler A-5230-ORAR $290.00 / ea.  

    Originally used from the beginning of production until March of 1929.

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  6. Model A High Performance Muffler A-5230-HP (1928-1931) A-5230-HPSS (1928-1931)  

    Manufactured so that the outside appearance is exactly like the original muffler with the mandrel bends.

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  7. Model A Exhaust Sleeve A-5234 (1928-1931) $3.95 / ea.  

    This little gadget slips between the muffler and the manifold to prevent leaks.

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  8. Model A Muffler Clamp A-5251 (1928-1931) $8.00 / ea.  

    A 100% original super heavy duty ductile iron clamp.

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  9. Model A Muffler Clamp Bolt Set A-5251-BS (1928-1931) $1.75 / set  

    Cadmium plated bolts with brass nuts for the muffler clamp.

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  10. Model A Exhaust Seal A-5251-ES (1928-1931) $2.95 / ea.  

    Copper flanged gasket that fits between the original manifold and the exhaust pipe.

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  11. Model A Exhaust Sealant A-5252 (1909-1931) $3.50 / ea.  

    Put a bead of this high heat sealant on the flange of the muffler where it bolts to the manifold for a tight seal.

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  12. Model A Tailpipe Extender Kit A-5255-B (1928-1931) $110.00 / ea.  

    Originally offered in January of 1931 to be installed on Delivery vehicles and Station Wagons to keep fumes from entering the vehicle.

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