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  1. Model A Vortex Dual Intake Manifold A-9425-V (1928-1931) $345.00 / ea.  

    This style of manifold uses two original Zenith carburetors.

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  2. Cast Iron Header A-9430-HX (1928-1931) $395.00 / ea  

    This header gives you the increased exhaust flow without the noise of a tube type header.

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  3. Exhaust Header A-9429 (1928-1934) $335.00 / ea  

    Tube style header that fits 1928-34 4-cylinder motors.

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  4. Exhaust Header A-9429-OHV (1928-1934) $325.00 / ea  

    Tube headers for the Miller/Cragar overhead valve cylinder head for Model A 1928-1931 and 1932-1934 chassis.

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  5. Model A Intake Manifold A-9425 (1928-1931) $87.50 / ea.  

    These intake manifolds have finally arrived.

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  6. Model A Intake To Exhaust Manifold Bolts A-9425-MB (1928-1931) $0.50 / set  

    The two bolts and lock washers needed to bolt the intake to the exhaust manifold.

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  7. Model A Downdraft Intake Manifold A-9425-SD (1928-1931) $385.00 / ea.  

    Cast aluminum fits 1928-34 4-cyl.

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  8. Model A Finned Downdraft Intake Manifolds A-9425-DBL (1928-1934) A-9425-TPL (1928-1934)  

    Available in dual or triple versions.

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  9. Model A Single Downdraft Intake Manifold A-9425-SGL (1928-1934) $225.00 / ea.  

    Convert your Model A to downdraft instead of updraft.

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  10. Model A Exhaust Manifold A-9430 (1928-1931) $91.50 / ea.  

    Why put up with a leaky or warped manifold when you can install a nice new one and end your troubles! This is the early style that does not have the extra material in the radius where it bends down towards the muffler.

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  11. Ceramic Coated Exhaust Manifold A-9430-C (1928-1931) $149.95  

    No more ugly rusted exhaust manifold! Our American made A-9430 exhaust manifold with a baked on ceramic coating that resembles the original bare cast iron appearance.

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  12. Model A Cast Iron Header A-9430-H (1928-1934) $289.95 / ea.  

    For improved performance, this header performs the same as a tube type header but is quieter than tube type headers.

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