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Model A Generator

See exploded drawing below for a quick reference of the Model A generator.
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  1. Model A Rebuilt Generator A-10000-L (1928-1931) A-10000-S (1928-1931)  

    A professionally rebuilt generator.

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  2. Model A Alternators A-10001-A (1928-1931) A-10001-A12 (1928-1931) A-10001-AHD (1928-1931)  

    These are a must for running the quartz sealed beam headlights or if you just simply want a more reliable charging system.

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  3. Model A Alternator A-10002-A12 (1928-1931) $184.00 / ea.  

    When you need "BIG" power! 12 volt, 100 amp, negative ground alternator.

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  4. Model A Alternator Bracket Kit A-10001-MK (1928-1931) $34.95 / ea.  

    When setting up your own alternator, this kit gives you the brackets to bolt the alternator where the generator was mounted along with a tension brace.

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  5. Model A Alternator Mounting Bracket A-10002 (1928-1931) $33.50 / ea.  

    "H" bracket used to mount the alternator in place of the generator.

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  6. Model A Alternator Pulley A-10131-A (1928-1931) $29.95 / ea.  

    This is a new and improved part! A smaller diameter pulley turns the alternator 2.

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  7. Model A Power Converters A-10000-CHD (1928-1931) $106.95 / ea.  

    These units convert your Model A's 6-volt positive ground systems power to 12-volt negative ground so you can power a CB, radio, or any other 12-volt accessory.

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  8. Generator Armature A-10005-A (1928-1929) A-10005-AR A-10005-BR (1930-1931)  

    All new construction, not a rewound unit.

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  9. Model A Generator Fields A-10000-F (1928-1931) $39.95 / ea.  

    Very nice reproduction of the originals.

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  10. Model A Powerhouse Generator Bracket A-10019 (1928-1929) $13.50 / ea.  

    Used only with the early powerhose generators.

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  11. Model A Generator Brush Set A-10043 (1928-1931) $3.50 / ea.  

    Set of three brushes for the Model A generator and some later ones.

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  12. Model A Generator Brush Holder A-10051-C (1928-1931) $5.25 / ea.  


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