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  1. Model A Gasket Set A-6008-C (1928-1931) A-6008-CLH (1928-1931)  

    The complete engine gasket set for the model A Ford with a copper head gasket.

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  2. Graphite Head Gasket B-6051-XO (1928-1931) $26.95 / ea.  

    This graphite style head gasket is basically the same gasket as our B-6051-C except it does not have the 2 small steam holes between the #2 and #3 cylinders which can be a weak point when used on a Model A block.

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  3. Model A Copper Head Gasket A-6051-C (1928-1931) $27.95 / ea.  

    We use a modern gray core in our gaskets.

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  4. Model A Ford Premium Head Gasket A-6051-M (1928-1931) B-6051-M (1928-1934)  

    Tired of coolant weaping around the head! This unique gasket has a solid steel core sandwiched by heavy-duty high density gasket material coated with silicone.

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  5. Model 'B' Head Gasket B-6051-C (1928-1934) B-6051-X (1928-1934)  

    The graphite head gaskets for the 1932-34 4-cyl.

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  6. Model A Head Gasket Sealant A-6052-S (1909-1931) $17.75 / ea.  

    An aerosol can of sealant to help seal head gaskets.

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    Must be shipped as Hazmat
  7. Side Cover Gasket A-6018 (1928-1931) $0.75 / ea.  

    For the timing gear.

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  8. Model A Timing Cover Gasket A-6020 (1928-1931) $1.35 / ea.  


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  9. Model A Flywheel Housing Gasket A-6396 (1928-1931) $0.95 / ea.  

    Goes between the flywheel housing and the back of the block.

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  10. Model A Valve Cover Gasket A-6521 (1928-1931) A-6521-C (1928-1931)  

    Paper or cork.

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  11. Model A Gear Cover Gasket A-6619 (1928-1931) $0.75 / ea.  

    Goes between oil pump housing and cover plate on bottom of pump.

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  12. Oil Pump Screen Cover Gasket A-6626 (1928-1931) $0.45 / ea.  

    For the oil pump screen cover.

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