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  1. Model A Gas Tank Sealer A-9002 (1909-1931) $32.00 / ea.  

    A non-drying, slightly elastic sealer to give the old tank a new lease on life.

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    Must be shipped as Hazmat
  2. Rear Gas Tank Flange Bolts #46-AR (1928-1929) $2.50 / set of 8  

    A set of 8 1/4" bolts, nuts, and lock washers used to secure the rear flange of the 1928-29 gas tank behind the dash rail.

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  3. Micro Filter Kit A-9156 (1928-1931) $18.50 / 2/pk.  

    A modern paper style filter that fits inside the glass type sediment bowl.

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  4. Oversize Ferrule A-9244 (1928-1931) $7.95 / pr.  

    Oversize brass ferrules to fit 1/4" fuel lines.

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  5. Oversize Ferrules A-9244 (1928-1931) $7.95 / pr.  

    Oversize brass ferrules to fit 1/4" fuel lines.

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  6. Model A Gas Tank Etch A-9002-E (1909-1931) $13.25 / ea.  

    Use this when preparing your gas tank for the A-9002 sealer.

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  7. Model A Gas Tank Filler Screen A-9020 (1928-1931) $10.45 / ea.  

    This screen goes in the tank where you fill it.

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  8. Model A Filler Screen Tool A-9020-T (1928-1931) $4.50 / ea.  

    Use this handy tool to remove/install the original threaded style A-9020 gas tank filler screen.

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  9. Model A 1928-29 Gas Cap A-9030-A (1928-1929) $15.95 / ea.  

    This style was used for the 28-9 gas cap.

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  10. Model A Gas Cap (30-1) A-9030-B (1930-1931) $19.95 / ea.  

    Finally a quality cap is available! Duplicate of the Eaton style cap that fits! Polished stainless with the correct leather gasket.

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  11. Model A Gas Cap Gaskets A-8110-A (1928-1929) A-8110-A-Q5 (1928-1929) A-9035 (1930-1931)  

    The 1928-29 gas cap gasket is made of cork, and the 1930-31 is made of treated leather.

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  12. Model A Gas Tank Protector A-9030-P (1928-1931) $13.50 / ea.  

    When filling the gas tank, lay this down on the top of the tank to protect your nice shiny paint.

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