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Model A Ford Restoration Checklist

At Snyder's Antique Auto Parts, we are committed to providing quality products and the best customer service for Model A enthusiasts. We know that being new to any hobby can be both exciting and daunting, so we're here to help you cut through the clutter and get you on your way to working on your Model A.


One of the great parts about restoring Model A Fords is getting to know their unique and rich history. Many antique auto enthusiasts recommend the Model A as a great first car to restore, since they are common, popular, and have easy-to-find parts. Experts know that the payoff for your work is great, too, since Model As are typically much easier to operate than other antique cars. So, once you've finished your major restorations, there is not too much of a learning curve to transition to operating on the main road.


Since we work with hobbyists of all levels, we're here to give some of the best "to-do's" to get started on your restoration hobby today.


So, without further ado, here is the Official Snyder's Antique Auto Model A Ford Restoration Checklist:


1.Gather Your Model A Tools


Some of you might be lucky enough to have the original toolkit that came with all Model As made before 1948. If so, this toolkit is a great starting place for the tools you'll need for your car. Otherwise, we recommend checking out the basic Model A tools we provide, which includes tire irons, cranks, and specialty tools you'll need throughout your Model A restoration project.


2.Scope Out the Perfect Model A Storage Space


Model A experts agree: there is no sense in putting time into restoration without ensuring that you have the proper place and methods to store your Model A. Good storage areas are dry or low humidity and free from leaks or extra moisture which can cause electrical problems in your Model A. Also be sure to check your radiator and drain all fluids if you're storing your Model A for a longer period of time. We also recommend covering your Model A and jacking it up to save the tires.


3.Develop a Model A Regular Maintenance Routine


Early in your restoration hobby, establish a good routine of regular, basic maintenance. Starting and maintaining this habit early on helps to diagnose problems earlier if you notice something that seems out of place or abnormal. Make it a habit to check your Model A's fluids, radiator, brakes, fan belts, and transmission on a regular basis.


4.Build a Model A Library


Like those of you who have the original toolkit for your Model A, you also might be lucky enough to also have the original mechanics manual. Many of our experts and long time customers agree that the original mechanics manuals have most, if not all, the information you'll need to restore and maintain your Model A. Of course, if you don't have the original manuals, we offer a large selection of shop manuals to help you along the way.


(And if you still can't find the answer you need, just ask us!)


5.Join a Model A Community or Club


Again, most of our experts will simply recommend learning as much as you can about your Model A, and many of them can't speak highly enough of their local Model A Ford clubs. Most clubs feature a variety of Model A restoration skill levels, and often set aside time during each meeting to dive deep into different parts, components or restoration techniques of the automobile. For new hobbyists especially, joining a club can mean the difference between feeling completely lost and making headway in your restoration.


Finally, we can't emphasize enough how excited we are that you've chosen to pursue Model A Ford restoration as a hobby! We are looking forward to helping you get exactly the parts, tools and accessories you need, and hope to hear your success story soon. If we can just leave one last piece of advice, it would be to simply learn everything you possibly can about your Model A.


And, as always, when you have questions, we are here to help!

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