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  1. Model A Reconditioned Flywheel A-6375 (1928-1931) $167.00 / exchange  

    These flywheels have been faced, a new ring gear installed, and a new pilot bearing installed.

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  2. Model A Lightened Flywheel -w- V8 Clutch A-6375-V8 (1928-1931) $425.00 / exchange  

    This arrangement is 16 lb.

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  3. Model A Flywheel Mounting Bolts A-6376 (1928-1948) $12.95 / set of 4  

    Special bolts with hole in the head for safety wire lock.

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  4. Model A Flywheel Housing To Block Bolts A-6378-MB (1928-1931) $3.40 / set  

    4 bolts used toward the inner of flywheel housing, and 2 longer bolts to bolt the accelerator assembly on the top.

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  5. Model A Clutch Housing To Flywheel Housing Bolts A-6380-MB (1928-1931) $2.95 / set  

    Complete set of bolts and lock washers to bolt the clutch housing to the flywheel housing.

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  6. Model A Flywheel Gauge A-6381 (1928-1931) $26.95 / ea.  

    Bracket in this kit bolts to the flywheel.

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  7. Model A Flywheel Ring Gear A-6384 (1928-1931) $24.95 / ea.  

    While the engine is apart it is a good idea to replace this part.

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  8. Model A Flywheel Dowels A-6387 (1928-1931) $3.95 / pr.  

    Presses into the flange on the back of the crankshaft for aligning the flywheel.

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  9. Model A Aluminum Flywheel Housing A-6395 (1928-1931) $500.00 / ea.  

    Good crack free flywheel housings are getting harder and harder to find.

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  10. Model A Flywheel Housing A-6395-X (1928-1931) $500.00 / ea.  

    This is a new flywheel housing cast out of ductile iron.

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  11. Model A Flywheel Housing Gasket A-6396 (1928-1931) $0.95 / ea.  

    Goes between the flywheel housing and the back of the block.

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  12. Model A Flywheel Housing Dowel A-6397 (1928-1931) $5.95 / pr.  

    Presses into the back of the block to align the flywheel housing when it bolts to the block.

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