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  1. Model A Door Check Bumper A-702828-R (1929-1931) $2.00 / pr.  

    The rubber bumper inside the door on the steel arm style door checks.

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  2. Model A Door Check Post Bumper A-702828-BU (1928-1931) $4.00 / pr.  

    This square piece of rubber mounts in the door post, and the door check bumper bumps against this rubber instead of the post.

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  3. Model A Door Check A-702828-CL (1929-1931) $6.15 / pr.  

    If your closed car does not have provisions for the footman loop on the door and the door post, this steel armed door check is the one used.

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  4. Model A Rear Door Checks A-702828-4DR (1928-1931) A-702828-CLR (1928-1931)  

    Similar to the front door check arms, except these have a sharper bend on them.

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  5. Model A Door Check 'U' Clip A-702828-U (1928-1931) $1.65 / ea.  

    Used on the original style door check arms to adjust how far the door could open.

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  6. Model A Door Check U-Clip Cap A-702828-C (1928-1931) $1.75 / ea.  

    Once the A-702828-U clip is put in the desired position, this cap was placed on top of it and the tabs were bent around the clip so that it would not come off of the door check arm.

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  7. Model A Door Check Arm Brackets A-702829 (1930-1931) $6.00 / pr.  

    These brackets hold the door check arm to the door.

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  8. Model A 4-door Rear Door Check Brackets A-702829-4DR (1928-1931) $15.50 / pr.  

    Pair of brackets that screwed to the door post used to attach the door check arms.

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  9. Model A Footman Loop A-162592-L (1917-1931) $1.50 / ea.  

    These are used with the rubber door check straps.

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  10. Model A Footman Loop Screws #48 (1928-1929) $1.40 / set  

    SET OF 8, 12/24 oval headed screws that hold the A-162592-L used to attach the footman loops.

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  11. Rubber Check Straps A-162592-6 (1928-1930) A-162592-7 (1928-1930) A-162592-8 (1928-1929)  

    The double loop door check strap.

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  12. Model A Flat Strap A-162592-T $6.95 / ea.  

    A flat strap with a "T" end for the rear doors of slant windshield 4-doors.

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