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  1. 6 Volt Coil A-12000 (1919-1927) $15.50 / ea.  

    When running a distributor on the old T, you will need this 6 volt modern style coil.

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  2. Modern Plate Points A-12199-MP (1928-1931) $8.50 / ea  

    Replacement points for the modern style upper distributor plate.

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  3. Modern Plate Condenser A-12300-MP (1928-1931) $5.75 / ea  

    Replacement condenser for the modern style distributor plate.

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  4. Condenser Hole Plug A-12100-P (1928-1931) $1.95 / ea.  

    Rubber plug that plugs off the hole for accessing the screw that secures the end of the condenser to the lower distributor plate tab.

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  5. 12 Volt Coil A-12000-12 (1919-1931) $34.95 / ea.  

    Use without external resistor.

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  6. Model A Script Coil A-12000-SC (1928-1931) $66.95 / ea.  

    Ford script metal enclosed coil just like Ford put on the cars when they left the factory.

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  7. Model A Wire Nipples A-12000-B2 (1928-1931) $0.95 / pr.  

    A pair of wire boots for the wire that runs from the coil to the distributor cap.

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  8. Model A Coil Bracket Mounting Set A-12000-MB (1928-1931) $0.45 / set  

    This is the screw and lock washer set to mount the coil bracket to the firewall.

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  9. Model A Ballast Resistor A-12001 (1928-1931) $7.00 / ea.  

    If you are running a 12-volt system, you'll need this if you keep the 6-volt coil.

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  10. Model A Distributor Set-Up Gauge A-12101 (1928-1931) $105.00 / ea.  

    Aluminum collar and gauge used to set points and to check the shaft, bushing and distributor cam for accuracy.

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  11. New Model A Distributor A-12100 (1928-1931) A-12100-M (1928-1931) A-12100-MX (1928-1931)  

    A brand new Model A distributor for your classic Ford.

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  12. Model A Rebuilt Distributor A-12130 (1928-1931) A-12130-M (1928-1931)  

    A complete rebuilt distributor for the Model A.

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