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  1. Model A Front Bumper Brackets A-17754/55-BR (1928-1929) A-17754/55-E (1930-1931)  

    These brackets attach to the frame and are used to mount the front bumpers.

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  2. Canadian Center Bumper Clamp A-17762-CAN (1930-1931) $44.95 / ea  

    This style of clamp was used from August of 1930 until the end of production.

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  3. Model A Front Bumper Bracket Mount Studs A-16527 (1930-1931) A-16528 (1930-1931) A-17754-MB (1928-1929)  

    These bolts held the front bumper brackets to the frame.

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  4. 1928-29 Front Bumpers A-17750-A (1928-1929) A-17750-AS (1928-1929)  

    When ordering this part, you will get the two bumpers, just like you see in the drawing.

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  5. 1928-29 Rear Bumpers A-17814-A (1928-1929) A-17814-AS (1928-1929)  

    Sold as a pair, right and left.

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  6. 1930-1931 Front Bumpers A-17750-B (1930-1931) A-17750-BE (1930-1931) A-17750-BS (1930-1931)  

    When you buy this part number you are getting the two bars.

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  7. 1930-31 Rear Bumpers A-17814-B (1930-1931) A-17814-BS (1930-1931)  

    Sold as a set like you see in the drawing.

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  8. Model A Slant Windshield Bumpers A-17814-C (1931) A-17814-CSS (1931)  

    The 1931 slant windshield Model A's used a little different rear bumpers than the other cars.

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  9. Model A Spare Tire Guard A-17806 (1930-1931) $127.50 / ea.  

    A stainless steel bumper bar with brackets for installing between the rear bumpers.

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  10. Bumper Backing Plate A-17756-A (1928-1930) $6.50 / ea.  

    This heavy steel backing plate is the early design.

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  11. Model A Backing Plates A-17756-B (1930-1931) $2.75 / ea.  

    The later style stamped steel design with the diamond shape reinforcement stamped in it.

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  12. Model A Flag Set A-17756-F (1926-1931) $33.75 / pr.  

    Special bracket replaces the bumper clamp backing plate for flag to mount into.

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