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Model A Ford Bumpers & Parts

Chrome or Stainless Bumpers?

Chrome was original on all Model A bumpers. Originals only had the face polished and the edges and back were just plated as is. The new bumpers have the edges polished along with the face. They have a good chrome finish on them but not what we consider to be "show chrome." If you are looking for "show chrome" you will need to get your originals replated. Stainless is not original but looks very nice and will last a lifetime. If you are not looking to be 100% original, stainless is your best bet for the long haul.

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  1. 1928-29 Front Bumpers A-17750-A (1928-1929) A-17750-AS (1928-1929)  

    When ordering this part, you will get the two bumpers, just like you see in the drawing.

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  2. Stainless Steel Bumper Clamps A-17758-SSOR (1930-1931) $26.50 / ea.  

    100% authentic in every detail.

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  3. Canadian Center Bumper Clamp A-17762-CAN (1930-1931) $44.95 / ea  

    This style of clamp was used from August of 1930 until the end of production.

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  4. 1930-1931 Front Bumpers A-17750-B (1930-1931) A-17750-BE (1930-1931) A-17750-BS (1930-1931)  

    When you buy this part number you are getting the two bars.

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  5. 1928-29 Rear Bumpers A-17814-A (1928-1929) A-17814-AS (1928-1929)  

    Sold as a pair, right and left.

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  6. 1930-31 Rear Bumpers A-17814-B (1930-1931) A-17814-BS (1930-1931)  

    Sold as a set like you see in the drawing.

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  7. Model A Slant Windshield Bumpers A-17814-C (1931) A-17814-CSS (1931)  

    The 1931 slant windshield Model A's used a little different rear bumpers than the other cars.

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  8. Model A Spare Tire Guard A-17806 (1930-1931) $127.50 / ea.  

    A stainless steel bumper bar with brackets for installing between the rear bumpers.

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  9. Model A Bumper Clamps A-17758-SS (1930-1931) $17.00 / ea.  

    This is the style clamp that has a stainless clad over the clamp.

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  10. Model A Bumper Clamps A-17758-B (1928-1931) $18.00 / ea.  

    These are top quality forged steel clamps.

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  11. Model A Canadian Bumper Clamp A-17758-CAN (1928-1930) $47.50 / ea.  

    Used from June of 1928 until August of 1930.

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  12. Model A Canadian Bumper Clamp A-17758-BCAN (1930-1931) $13.75 / ea.  

    Used from August of 1930 until the end of production.

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