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  1. Model A Brake Drums A-1125 (1928-1931) A-1125-AR A-1126 (1928-1931)  

    Excellent quality U.

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  2. Model A Brake Cast Iron Drum Package A-1125-X (1928-1931) $375.00 / set  

    Save money when you buy the drum package which includes 2 front drums, 2 rear drums, wheel studs and the stud installation tool.

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  3. New Rear Backing Plate A-2211-B (1928-1931) $175.00 / ea.  

    A new rear brake backing plate with the wedge housing and the track assembly installed.

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  4. Brake Actuating Assembly Mount Kit A-2080 (1929-1931) $1.50 / ea  

    2 hex nuts and 2 lock washers for mounting the front brake actuating assembly to the spring perch.

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  5. Brake & Run Kit A-13403 (1909-1931) $123.95 / set  

    The Brake & Run kit is designed to give you additional visibility on the rear of your vehicle.

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  6. Brake and Run Kit A-13403-X (1909-1931) $134.95 / set  

    The Brake & Run kit is designed to give you additional visibility on the rear of your vehicle.

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  7. Molded Service Brake Linings A-2021-X (1928-1931) A-2021-XH (1928-1931)  

    Improved braking over woven linings when used with cast iron brake drums.

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  8. Hydraulic Brake Kit A-2001-K (1928-1931) $3,395.00 / set  

    This kit will convert your Model A's mechanical brakes over to hydraulic.

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    Shipping quote needed
  9. New Brake Shoe With Molded Lining A-2019-XM (1928-1931) $32.00 / ea  

    This is one of our new brake shoes with the soft molded A-2021-X brake lining riveted in place.

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  10. Wheel Support Ring A-1014 (1928-1931) $22.00 / ea.  

    Required if you have converted your Model A over to hydraulic brakes and you're running the factory style 1928-35 wire wheels.

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  11. Brake Rivet Tool Kit A-2018-T (1909-1931) $9.95 / set  

    Kit comes with a punch to knock out old rivets, a tool to swedge new tubular rivets, and a tool to drill and countersink linings.

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  12. Model A Front Brake Roller Track A-2011-A (1928-1931) $19.95 / set  

    This kit has the track assembly with rivets and the rivet setting tool.

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