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  1. Model A Worm Bearing A-3123 (1928-1931) $3.50 / ea.  

    Two of these bearings are needed for the steering worm.

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  2. Upper Bushing 7 Tooth A-3517-AOR (1928-1929) $19.95 / ea.  

    Used on all 1928-29 7-tooth steering columns, nickle plated no countersink on spark / gas rod holes.

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  3. 7 Tooth Steering Box Rebuilt A-3500-A (1928-1929) $649.95 / ea.  

    Steering box is sand blasted, primed, assembled, & adjusted.

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  4. Model A Upper Bushing Screws A-3517-MB (1928-1931) $0.45 / pr.  

    2 screws to hold the upper steering column bushing in place.

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  5. Model A Steering Column Clamp A-3519 (1928-1931) $12.95 / ea.  

    Holds the steering column on the inside of the car.

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  6. Model A Steering Column Clamp Bolts A-3519-BT (1928-1931) $2.50 / set  

    The special screws/washers for holding the column clamp in place.

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  7. Model A Steering Column Anti-Rattler A-3521 (1928-1931) $0.95 / ea.  

    A rubber strip that goes around the steering column, held in place with the column clamp.

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  8. Model A 7-Tooth Steering Worm A-3524-A (1928-1929) $41.95 / ea.  

    For the early 7-tooth steering box.

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  9. Right Hand Drive Worm Gear 7 Tooth A-3524-ARX (1928-1929) $89.95 / ea.  

    Special cut worm gear for the right hand drive Model A's, this is for the 7 tooth steering box.

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  10. Model A Steering Shaft Thread Repair A-3526-T (1928-1931) $13.25 / ea.  

    Repairs damaged threads on the end of the steering shaft where the steering wheel attaches.

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  11. Model A Oil Seal Retainer A-3527-BR (1928-1929) $6.85 / ea.  

    Threaded plug that holds seal in place at the bottom of the 7-tooth steering box where light rod comes through bottom.

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  12. Model A Oil Seal Retainer -w- Tube A-3527-T (1928-1929) $14.50 / ea.  

    Same as A-3527-BR except this has a tube welded to it to keep oil from leaking out the bottom of the steering box.

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