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Model T Magneto

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  1. Model T Brass Mag Clamping Screws T-3278-RE (1919-1927) T-3278-RE-Q16 (1919-1927)  

    Special threaded (1/4 - 24) brass screws used to hold the magnets and flywheel ring gear.

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  2. Magneto Meter T-3261 (1909-1927) $33.95  

    Know exactly what your magneto is putting out at all times, measures 0-30 volts.

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  3. Magneto Meter Bracket T-3261-MB (1909-1927) $6.50  

    Bracket used to mount the T-3261 Magneto Meter.

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  4. Columbo Magneto Drive Gear Set T-3152-M1 (1909-1927) $239.95 / set  

    Used on the Columbo magneto, includes drive gears and drive coupling.

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  5. Eiseman Magneto Drive Gears T-3152-M2 (1909-1927) $166.95 / set  

    Eiseman/Magneto Attachment Co.

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  6. Eiseman Magneto Gear Nut T-3152-M3 (1909-1927) $59.95 / ea.  

    Large nut used to secure the large gear on the Eiseman Magneto.

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  7. Model T Flywheel Bolts T-3270 (1909-1927) $5.00 / ea.  

    Special drilled head bolts that hold the flywheel to the crankshaft.

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  8. Model T Flywheel Dowels T-3271 (1909-1927) $4.50 / pr.  

    These press into end of crankshaft and align flywheel when mating the two together.

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  9. Model T Flywheel Ring Gear T-3268 (1919-1927) $44.95 / ea.  

    The Model T ring gear is held onto the flywheel with 16 screws that also hold on the magnets.

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  10. Model T Gap Gauge T-3251 (1909-1927) $209.95 / ea.  

    A repo of the original K.

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  11. Model T Laminated Mag Coil Shim T-3272-L (1909-1927) $5.95 / set  

    These are used between the mag coil and the back of the block.

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  12. Model T Mag Clamping Screws T-3278 (1919-1927) T-3278-Q16 (1919-1927)  

    Special threaded screws used to hold the magnets and flywheel ring gear.

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