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How do you seal the gas tank with the A-9002 tan

In order to use the gas tank sealer that we offer, the gas tank must be removed from the car. There is no PROPER way to seal the tank without removal. Once you have removed the tank, remove the gas shut-off valve, gas gauge, filler screen, and gas cap. Plug off your gas valve hole and tape off the gas gauge hole with some duct tape. I have found that some good hot water and some rocks work best for getting out old rust and scale. Pour the hot water in and slosh the tank around so the stones work any loose scale loose. Drain the water out the gas valve hole. Keep repeating this process until you get clean water coming out and remove the stones you put in. Make sure you get out the same number of stones you put in! Allow the tank to dry completely. Do not force dry it with a hair dryer or heat gun as they will put moisture in the tank and the sealer will not bond properly to the tank. Pour the entire quart of sealer into the DRY tank and tape off the filler hole. BE CAREFUL NOT TO GET SEALER ON THE PAINT! SEALER WILL BLEMISH THE PAINT. Roll the tank in every direction possible so the sealer coats every part of the tank. Remove gas valve plug and drain excess sealer out. Sealer has the consistancy of milk, so the first coat does not use very much sealer. Allow the tank to dry for 24 hours and repeat the coating process. Once you have drained the excess out from the second coat, set the tank so the steering column support area of the tank is the lowest point. Allow tank to dry for 24 hours and you are ready to reinstall the tank.
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